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Venetian Goldonian Couple - Red and Gold

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Long known as the most romantic place in the world, Venice has been the dream of those looking for love, thanks to its beauty and, of course, to its fame as Casanova's playground. For centuries well-off couples such as the one represented by this finely crafted sculpture walked the narrow alleyways of Venice, slid in its gondolas into the sunset, hid under masks during carnivals seeking an amorous adventure that was both secretive and glamorous.
This stunning sculpture set is elaborately crafted by the best of Murano Glass artisans in Venice with fine details of the face and hands, and rich period clothes complete with realistic folds and texture, and 24K gold shimmer. The wealthy couple reminds us of Venetian opulence and romance, and will surely dress up your home in a way that is artistic and tasteful in a very Italian way. This Venetian statue set is also a fine gift to someone who misses the beauty and romance of Venice, or someone who appreciates art and fine craftsmanship of a handmade Italian piece.
This Murano glass sculpture set consists of two sculptures: Venetian Lady and the Venetian Gentleman dressed in period clothes.

Measurements: Gentleman: The height of the Gentleman is 13 inches. The width in its widest part is 4 inches. The base is 3 3/4 inches in diameter. Lady: The height of the Lady is 12 inches. The width in the widest part of the skirt is 6 inches. The diameter of the base is 3 1/2 inches. The sculpture comes very well packaged to avoid damage in transit and comes with the certificate of authenticity and the original sticker of Murano masters.

Because each Murano Glass piece is a unique work of art made entirely by hand, slight variations of colors and shapes are possible.