Murano Glass Fish, Sailboats

It's no wonder that Murano Glass fish, sailboats, aquariums, and marine animals are prominent in the work of Murano master glass-makers. With Venice's proximity and its special tie to the sea, Murano Glass artisans have always been inspired by marine themes. Murano sailboats, gondolas, aquariums, and colorful arrays of fish, and sea creatures feature in the works of ancient and contemporary Venetian glassblowers. The favorite of fans and collectors alike, Murano Glass fish, boats, aquariums, and sealife figurines are popular around the world for their fine craftsmanship, beautiful colors, but most of all for bringing the breath of salty Venetian air and the beauty of the sea into our homes. In our large selection of Murano Glass angelfish, dolphins, seals, shells, aquariums, gondolas, and sailboats you will find great symbolic gifts for special occasions or that special art glass piece that will bring your home just a little closer to Venice.
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