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  Murano Glass Dove - Amber Aqua  
  Golden Quilt Millefiori Murano Duck - Large  
  5   (1)
  Murano Art Glass Millefiori Kneeling Horse  
  4   (1)
  Murano Art Glass Gold Millefiori Rabbit Sculpture  
  5   (2)
  Golden Quilt Millefiori Murano Owl  
  5   (2)
  Murano Glass Wild Horse  
  5   (4)
  Murano Art Glass Heron Bird - Red  
  Murano Glass Shimmering Elephant  
  Murano Glass Elephant - Amber Aqua  
  5   (1)
  Murano Art Glass Owl - Amber Waves  
  Murano Glass Penguin - Sparkling Gold  
  Murano Glass Cat - Sparkling Gold  
  Murano Glass Millefiori Rooster - Ivory  
  Golden Quilt Millefiori Mouse  
  Murano Art Glass Millefiori Swan Sculpture  
  5   (1)
  Festooned Glass Swan  
  5   (2)
  Murano Glass Love Birds - Red and Blue  
  5   (1)
  Murano Glass Dove - Sparkling Gold  
  Murano Glass Baby Bird - Blue and Turquoise  
  5   (1)
  Murano Glass Birds On A Low Branch - Blue  
  5   (2)
  Striped Glass Penguin  
  5   (1)
  Murano Glass Baby Bird - Topaz and Amber  
  5   (3)
  Murano Glass Baby Bird - Amethyst and Blue  
  Murano Glass Duck - Green Blue  
  5   (1)
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Animals & Birds

Some of the most elegant and beautiful Murano Glass bird figurines draw upon the beauty of nature and depict colorful animals and birds frozen in time and space. Murano Glass birds and animal figurines have been handcrafted by Venetian masters since the middle ages and eagerly purchased by the European nobility to decorate their palaces and villas in exotic and colorful styles. In this collection, we present the work of the best contemporary Murano glassmakers who remain fascinated with animals in nature and continue to refine their technique and style in efforts to present animals and birds in both natural and artistic way. Murano animal figurines such as lovebirds, ducks, egrets, horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and many others showcase the unique skill and talent of the glass masters and present beautiful decorative accents for your home or office.