Murano Glass Sculptures Figurine

Murano Glass Sculptures and Figurines handcrafted by Murano's best masters are fine decor pieces for your home or office, conveying both refined taste and Italian style. Going all the way to to the twelfth century, the glass-making tradition of Murano draws on the influences from antiquity, enriched by the never-ending search for perfection that sets Murano glass-blowers apart from the rest. Featuring a variety of forms and colors, Murano Sculptures, Statues, and Figurines represent the artistic genius of Venetian glass masters. GlassOfVenice has relationships and direct connections with many of the top Murano glassworks, allowing us to source a wide range of glass sculptures for our customers: from horses, fish, and birds, to boats and marine life, to clowns, lovers, Christmas and Easter figures, and much more. We also offer the best selection of Millefiori sculptures in amazing colors, artistic designs, with fine workmanship not found anywhere in the world except for Venice.