Murano Glass Pendant Light - Millefiori Gold Glass Of Venice

Murano Glass Pendant Light - Millefiori Gold

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A beautiful reminder of Venetian beauty, this Murano Glass Millefiori pendant light is high on the artistic factor and is a perfect Italian accessory for your home. Following ancient Murano Glass tradition, modern glass masters of Murano craft these pendant lamps with precision andf skill, carefully merging colorful Murrina mosaics in the furnace and shaping each lamp by hand. You can find these traditional pendant lights throughout Venice, be it in trattorias, hotels, or museums, adding a warm and unique artisanal touch to the decor.

This elegant Venetian pendant light features fine Italian design called Fazzoletto, reminiscent of folds of a handkerchief, and has 24K gold leaf embedded into the glass for amazing sparkling effect. Even though you may be far away from Venice, this Millefiori Glass pendant light makes it possible to recreate the convivial atmosphere and elegance of Venice in your house. Spend lovely evenings under its warm glow and contemplate how the beauty of Venice inspired generations of local artists to create elegant yet practical things from Murano Glass.

  • Measurements: The glass part measures 6 inches in height and is about 7-1/2 inches in diameter.
  • The pendant lamp features 24K gold leaf
  • This lamp is 100% authentic Murano Glass creation hand-made on Murano island using the traditional techniques of local glass-making.
  • Because this pendant light is a hand-made work of art, no two of these items are exactly the same. There may be minor variances in colors and patterns, bubbles trapped inside glass, and certain rough spots. Such variances do not constitute defects and instead testify to the handmade nature and artistic value of these creations.


It all starts with cutting special Millefiori canes into small pieces and carefully sorting them by hand inside a Murano Glass factory in Venice, Italy. The next step is dipping a ball of hot glass into the bowls of Millefiori pieces of appropriate colors to create a unique design and pattern. Then the master holds the glass inside a hot furnace until the Millefiori beads get completely infused into the surface of the future glass object. Next, the master shapes up the object turning it into a Murano Glass bowl, centerpiece or a plate using only very simple instruments to stretch and form the glass, creating waves and folds in its surface so real that they seem to be moving. Going back and forth between the furnace and the bench, heating, blowing, shaping, twisting each piece, artisans create Murano Glass Millefiori centerpieces, vases, bowls, ashtrays and decorative plates based on decades of experience in their factories and workshops on Murano island.