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Murano Glass Pendant Light - Blue Lagoon

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Exquisite, elegant, and bright, this Murano Glass pendant light brings a millennial Venetian artistic tradition and unique mastery of Murano's top artisans into your home. Creating a warm atmosphere and reminding you of the convivial Venetian cafes, osterias and wine bars, this pendant light adds a perfect touch of famed Italian design to your dining room, family room, kitchen, hall, or almost any other space of your house. Enjoy evenings under its soft glow in yellow, orange, and amber tones, and contemplate how the beauty of Venice inspired generations of local artists to create elegant yet practical things from Murano Glass that bring to life Venetian colors and lights.

For hundreds of years Venetian merchants and nobility enjoyed the light fixtures created by the glass blowers on the neighboring island of Murano. Featuring a multitude of shapes and designs made out of glass of unique brilliance and colors, these chandeliers, sconces, ceiling lamps, and pendant lights have quickly become famous and sought after far beyond the borders of Venice. Decorating formal dining rooms and living rooms, bedrooms and game rooms, these lighting fixtures quickly became the standard of interior design in palaces and estates throughout Europe.

With one of our cheerful pendant lights created in a traditional glassblowing family workshop on Murano island, you too can enjoy Venetian elegance and chic. This light, or a set of them, will instantly turn your home into a place where Venetian ambiance meets contemporary artistry and old European tradition informs the top trends in modern interior decoration.

  • Measurements: The glass part measures 5-1/2 inches in height and is about 4-1/2 inches in diameter.
  • This pendant light is 100% authentic Murano Glass creation handcrafted according to the traditional techniques of Murano glass-making.
  • Because this pendant light is a handmade work of art, no two of these items are exactly the same. There may be minor variances in colors and patterns, bubbles trapped inside glass, and certain rough spots. Such variances do not constitute defects and instead testify to the handmade nature and artistic value of these creations.

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Murano Glass vases, figurines, tumblers, and tableware often feature a unique look, where base layer of glass is decorated with colorful flowers, leaves, abstract glass streaks, or in other ways by applying stretched out dripping glass in various colors and shapes on top of a blown glass core. This technique requires precision, talent, and many years of experience working with Murano Glass. Murano Glass has unique characteristics which, when heated up, make it stretch and flow easily, and quickly cool off to form the desired pattern. Murano Glass masters in Venice often use this technique to create abstract Venetian glassware such as Picasso-style heads, vases, or sculptures, and other modern-art creations.