Murano Glass Chandeliers

World-famous Murano Glass Chandeliers with their long history have fans among aristocrats, businessmen, celebrities, and everyone else enchanted by the beauty of Murano Glass. Blown Murano Chandeliers illustrate the evolution of Venetian Glass from classic elements and styles to trendy contemporary designs. Today Murano Glass Venetian chandeliers proudly hang in almost every Venetian home, hotel, and restaurant. Their elaborate flowers, leaves, gold, and rich colors showcase the talent of Murano Glass masters like nothing else can. Murano Glass lighting fixtures are handmade today exactly like they were centuries ago, and their weightlessness, transparency, and beauty is sought after by fans of Venetian Glass worldwide.
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Our Murano Glass Chandeliers and Sconces are available in the following colors.

Each Venetian chandelier we sell is custom-made one element at a time by a team of talented Murano Glass masters, who use the same exact techniques, traditions, and tools that their predecessors used in the glass-blowing workshops of Murano island in the 16th century. Order your GlassOfVenice chandelier today to bring the touch of Murano Glass beauty and the style and artistry of Venice into your home. Many chandeliers also have matching sconces available.


When Murano Glass artisans figured out how to create translucent glass it opened a new era in decorative arts, allowing creation of gorgeous glass chandeliers that were lighter, brighter, and so much more beautiful than the wooden or wrought iron ones used until then. Murano Glass chandeliers quickly became a statement of power of wealth, appearing in every Venetian palazzo and many wealthy residences far beyond the Venetian shores.

Murano chandelier always starts with heating up a blob of glass in a special furnace until it reaches malleable state, then using blow-pipe and other simple tools to shape the glass into unique forms and designs, often inspired by floral elements. Adding various minerals and even 24K gold to the glass mixture allows for creation of chandeliers in different colors or infused with gold leaf for that coveted "glow-from-within" look. It takes several artisans and many hours or even days of painstaking work where more and more pieces are added to each other until finally the masterpiece is born.

Making a Murano Glass chandelier requires the level of skills, talent, and imagination that is beyond what is needed for most other Murano Glass creations. In crafting chandeliers the Venetian artisans have the opportunity to fully express themselves by being as elaborate or as minimalistic as their artistic vision requires. Moving beyond the traditional, the masters create bold designs using rich colors and imaginative forms that are always unique. Murano Glass Chandeliers from GlassOfVenice are a direct continuation of the ancient Venetian tradition both in terms of the process and techniques, and in terms of the generations of artisans working together and fathers passing their invaluable skills to sons for continuous success.