Murano Glass Lighting Fixtures

Murano Glass chandeliers, sconces, and other Venetian lighting fixtures have a long and proud history, being the very first lighting fixtures made of glass since the times of Ancient Rome. In the Middle Ages, the travelers to Venice were stunned by the gorgeous chandeliers they saw in the Venetian palaces. Translucent, brilliant, and so graceful, Murano Glass lighting fixtures come in many styles, colors, shapes, and designs, ranging from the ornate ones in classic Venetian designs to the contemporary minimalist styles that are popular among the fans of Modern Art. Browse our large selection of Murano blown glass light fixtures, including Chandeliers, Sconces, Floor Lamps, and Table lamps, and reach out to us if you do not see the piece you seek. We work directly with the Venetian artisans who craft these pieces, and we are able to source any style or color for you.