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Murano Glass Square Decorative Plate - Tree Of Life

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This elegant decorative Murano Glass plate is made using the ancient Murano Millefiori glass-making technique. A beautiful stylized Tree Of Life created from Millefiori glass mosaics in many rich colors is set dramatically against the black background glass of the plate. This fine Venetian glass plate combines a contemporary look with artistic Murano Glass tradition and is guaranteed to become the focus of attention in any room of your house. This Murano Glass plate is very versatile - it can be used as a candle holder, an ashtray, you can showcase it on your dresser to hold your small jewelry or watch, or simply as a beautiful Venetian touch to your home decor. It also makes a fine gift to anyone who appreciates Venetian craftsmanship and Italian elegance.
  • Measurements: This Murano Glass decorative plate has a square shape and measures 4-1/2 inches on each side.
  • The plate is an authentic Murano Glass piece handmade in one of the oldest workshops on Murano Island in Venice, Italy. It comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Because each plate is a work of art made by hand and due to the specifics of the Millefiori technique, each tree will feature a unique combination of many rich colors, and no two plates can ever be the same. Thus, the plate you will receive will be very similar to, but not exactly the same as the plate shown on the photos.


The technique of fusing together small colored fragments of glass dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Rome. After the fall of Rome, having been lost for centuries, this intricate technique was reinvented by Murano glass masters in the 15th century, and given new life and worldwide fame. While this technique is called "Murrine" on Murano island, outside of Venice it was dubbed "Millefiori", or "a thousand flowers" for its resemblance to a blossoming meadow.
A Millefiori design starts with the rods of different colors, each made by stretching a blob of glass into a cane. These canes are then cut into small segments, and the segments are carefully arranged by hand into a pattern that fits within a desired shape. Finally, the resulting arrangement is put into a special furnace where the tiny glass pieces are carefully fused together in high heat, and then gradually cooled off. This is how Murano masters create their famous Millefiori pendants, earrings, cufflinks, pill boxes, paperweights and many other beautiful and unique Millefiori jewelry pieces that are instantly recognized and valued for their artistic appeal and fine craftsmanship. Enjoy your Murano Glass jewelry creation, knowing that it was carefully handmade by talented Murano Glass artisans in Venice, Italy.