Where To See Murano Glass Blowing When Visiting Venice

Where To See Murano Glass Blowing? We’ll tell you how to find the best family-owned real Murano Glass factory where you can see the real glass-making, not a tourist show. If you get trapped into the tourist pitch, you will see a very basic short demonstration by someone who barely knows the craft, and will be quickly ushered into the retail area and encouraged to shop and overspend. To avoid this experience, we recommend a place where you can see the authentic glass-blowing process on Murano without any sales pitch.

  1. How to avoid a tourist trap While there are many factories and workshops on Murano, there are also many that pretend to be factories, when in reality, they are merely showrooms. In order to get the best glass-making demonstration experience, a tourist must be careful and not get pulled into showrooms and retail stores pretending to be factories. Most places that offer demonstrations on Murano are just such retail locations. They often claim to be the only place where you can see a real Murano Glass demonstration and the items they sell are overpriced and often not authentic Murano Glass.

    We also strongly recommend that you steer clear of hotel-sponsored trips to see Murano glass-making. And do not engage with people strategically standing near Vaporetto stops with signs on seeing Murano glass-making.

  2. Where to see the real Murano Glass demonstration The place that we know well and recommend to our customers and all Murano visitors is located at Calle San Cipriano 48, 30141 Murano and is called Vetreria Murano Arte or VMA. For a small 3 euro fee, you can see real masters work in the real family-owned Murano Glass factory and create wonders of Murano Glass. The added benefit is that you don’t need to make reservations in advance or connect with an organization that will facilitate the glass-blowing demonstration. Just show up at your convenience and see the demo with no sales pressure.

    Murano Glass Blowing Demonstration

  3. How to get to Murano Island and see the glass making demonstration To see this glass blowing demo all you need to do is take Vaporetto to Murano from Fondamente Nove stop in Venice and get off at Murano Colonna stop. Then ignore all the people promoting demonstrations and holding up signs, get off the Vaporetto, turn left and walk along the embankment. In about 5-7 minutes you will reach Vetreria Murano Arte. The demonstration is open weekdays between the hours of 9am and 4pm. Children under 11 years all can see the demonstration free of charge.

Murano Glass Blowing is a mesmerizing process which takes its roots from Roman glass-blowing and has evolved over the centuries in the Venetian Republic and in modern-day Italy into a prominent art form. There are hundreds of workshops and small factories on Murano island, most family enterprises, where one or more maestro’s work with hot glass, assisted by a few helpers.

A typical factory has several furnaces where the artisans repeatedly heat up the glass mass to make it malleable. Once heated up, the master takes the glass blob on a metal rod to the special bench, where they work on the hot glass blob, while constantly turning the rod to make sure the shape stays and the glass doesn’t fall onto one side. The masters use very basic tools and instruments to cut and shape the glass, and it’s their precision, experience, talent, and fantasy that make their creations unique art glass pieces renown throughout the world.

To become a Murano Glass master, one has to start out working in a furnace as a child and work alongside an experienced maestro to learn all the tricks and secrets of this unique and ancient trade. The most talented artisans then develop their own manner and artistic style, becoming famous maestros in their own right. This old-fashioned way of learning is still practiced in Murano, and all the masters we work with at Glass of Venice have learned their craft in this way.

If this sounds interesting, the next time you are on Murano make sure to visit the real glass-making demonstration without the sales pitch, and then walk around Murano island at your leisure. Peek into stores and galleries and view the beautiful Murano Glass jewelry, vases, sculptures and figurines to see if anything attracts your attention.

If you find a piece that you’d like to purchase, make sure it’s authentic. If you are taking it along with you, ensure that it will be packed well for its voyage home. Otherwise, if you would like it shipped to your home, remember to take down the information about the store, the salesperson, and agree on all the specifics of shipping to avoid any surprises with regard to the shipping fees and timing.


10 thoughts on “Where To See Murano Glass Blowing When Visiting Venice

  1. Patti M

    This article was very informative. We will be in Murano in early June 2023 and do want to visit a real family owned glass blowing shop to see a demonstration. Unfortunately the place recommended in this blog post is now closed – I am assuming this has to do with the rising gas prices you discussed in another post.

    We would appreciate any other recommendations. We want to avoid the tourist traps and places with super short demos who only want to get you into the showroom to buy items made in China.


  2. Kelly

    I noticed this post was made “pre-covid”…do you know if this business is still operating and allowing walk-up tours (without reservation)? We are planning to visit in March 2023

  3. Barbara

    Planning a visit to Murano April 20-21 2023. Is the Vetreria Murano Arte at Calle San Cipriano 48, 30141 Murano still in business and having demos with the issue of high price of gas?

  4. VR Gaming

    Great article, thanks. Currently, features of the production of Murano glass scattered throughout the world. Those who want to make money on its popularity resort to the creation of fakes, which are much inferior to the original in quality, but not much different in price. The disadvantage is the high price and rather large brittleness, despite the good heat treatment. This is especially affected during transportation. The surface of Murano glass products is smooth to the touch and makes a sound like a rock crystal when struck. Good luck!

    1. GlassOfVenice Post author

      Unfortunately, you are mistaken in defining the features of authentic Murano Glass, which may mislead many people and lead them down the wrong path of buying a fake. The surface of a Murano Glass object may be smooth or rough, the specific techniques that result in rough surfaces of Murano items include sbruffo, or any technique where layers of glass are put one onto another without polishing. The sound it makes when struck is impossible to universally define – it will depend on the technique used (thick or thin glass, one or many layers, type of decoration etc.) and on many other things. Moreover, it is dangerous to strike Murano Glass objects as many are very fragile and may break upon hard impact. It is a dangerous proposition to define the authenticity of a Murano Glass object based on superficial things like its surface or sound. Instead, there are many characteristics which, when taken together, may be used to determine whether a Murano Glass object is genuine or fake. We authored a very popular article on how to determine authentic Murano Glass, you can find it here: https://www.glassofvenice.com/blog/2010/02/how-do-i-know-if-a-murano-glass-item-is-genuine/


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