What To See And Do In Venice On A Rainy Day – Exclusive Travel Tips

VVenice Travel Tips For A Rainy Dayenice is so incredibly romantic under the rain. Yet it is also true that it can be more difficult to wander through its streets when bad weather ruins your plans. Rains are frequent in the Fall and Winter,  weather can turn quite cold from time to time, and aqua alta, or flood, can always happen, but the good thing is there are many attractions one can visit when the weather in Venice gets wet. Plus, there is nothing better than a good cup of Italian hot chocolate, or “cioccolata calda” to make bad weather much more bearable.

First of all, it is necessary to pack with rain in mind. When it rains, the streets get crowded by merchants selling knee-high boots and umbrellas, yet it is always best to travel with proper clothes (and enough pairs of shoes to have a dry one on hand). Most moving around in Venice is done by foot, so it is recommended to pack water-resistant clothes that keep you warm and comfortable. A strong umbrella is also a good choice, because it can get quite windy in the Venetian Lagoon during the colder times of the year (you will definitely notice it on board of water bus).

Aqua Alta is what Italians refer to when speaking of high water that floods the Saint Marc’s Square and neighboring alleys. To some visitors it may seem like a true Venetian adventure, but to locals it is a nightmare. If you want to experience this phenomenon and wonder through Saint Marc’s Square, you will find it is impossible to cross it by foot since the water can reach knee level. In these situation the city puts out special wooden runways that rise above the water, allowing people to walk across the piazza and reach the Basilica San Marco and the Doge’s Palace. Most businesses, however, will not be operating as usual since their owners will be busy getting the water out of their shops, trying to avoid the damage caused by it.

Top Places To Visit When It’s Pouring

Best For Modern Art Lovers

Peggy Guggeinheim Museum VeniceAs romantic and adventurous wandering the flooded streets may be, there are many attractions that will shelter you from the rain and satisfy your thirst for art, history, and beauty. The Peggy Guggenheim Museum is a wise choice for someone interested in modern art. Overlooking the Grand Canal, this museum holds a vast collection of artworks by masters such as Picasso, Pollock, and Kandinsky, while also having a rather big collection of Italian futurist paintings by artists like Balla and Boccioni. It is also quite close to a vaporetto (or water bus) stop, so you won’t have to get all wet by the time you reach it.

Best For Those Who Seek Opulent Venice Of The Past

If you crave to experience Venice’s Golden Age, and Peggy Guggenheim feels too modern, you will probably like Ca’ Rezzonico Museum Venice. This palazzo on thye Grand Canal is the mirror of Venice’s luxurious lifestyle during the 1700’s; it is the perfect depiction of opulence and decadence of that age. Denying the difficult economic situation Venice was going through, the citizens decided not to care, and flaunted their richness by hosting extravagant masquerade balls and decorating the ceilings with exquisite frescos. This palace is now officially Venice’s 18th Century Museum and it contains some of the city’s most precious frescos by Tiepolo, enormous Murano glass chandeliers and fine collections of antique Venetian furniture. If all this is not enough, just try imagining Casanova dancing across the ballroom in a fancy costume and mask, and that should do the trick for your time travel.

Best For Music Buffs

For those looking for a musical treat, La Fenice Opera House Venice Italy is certainly worth a visit. This theatre is one of Europe’s most important opera houses. Its name, which literally means “phoenix”, reflects the theatre’s history marked by the fires that brought it down three times. The first incident happened in 1774 and it took 18 years for the opera house to reopen its doors. The second fire, which came in 1836, burned down the whole theatre again but it took it only one year to renovate and reopen its doors. The third time, however, was the result of arson, leaving the theatre severely damaged, forcing it to close its doors in 1996. With endless hard work and Aldo Rossi’s guidance, the opera house reopened its doors in 2004, delighting the public with repertoires by composers like Mozart, Donizetti, Wagner and Stravinsky, and staging famous opera pieces such as The Barber Of SevilleLa Traviata, Carmen, The Marriage Of Figaro and many others. In spite of what you may have heard about European opera houses being stuffy and very strict on the dress code, Venice is always full of tourists on vacation and many will not be dressed in fancy clothes. Thus, you should not be afraid to buy tickets and enjoy an evening of exquisite classical music.

If Opera is not your thing, Venice boasts many wonderful concerts in beautiful historic churches, by very good musicians who play the likes of Vivaldi, Mozart, and other famous classical composers. Interpreti Veneziani is one such ensemble that earned critical acclaim for successfully reinterpreting the music of Venetian composers. You can check the schedule of their concerts ahead of time and attend one whether it is raining or not, to enjoy a wonderful evening of beautiful music in the heart of Venice.

Best For Foodies

Seafood Appetizer in A Venetian RestaurantFor those looking for delicious treats of gastronomic nature, there is nothing cozier than sipping some hot chocolate or famous Italian coffee while the rain is pouring outside. Venice is full of small bars and authentic local restaurants that can shelter a weary visitor from the rain, offering excellent meals made from fresh local ingredients in historic settings. While many top restaurants will require reservations especially for dinner, there are lots of simple local places that do not and will welcome walk-ins. Many baccaro’s (or bars) and ostaria’s also offer apperitivo, or small snacks served with drinks before dinner time, and in the rain the best thing to do is sample a few different apperitivo’s by moving from bar to bar and making small talk with other patrons and the barmen.

Rain is never fun for travelers, but when it happens in Venice it transforms the whole city into a real life painting. If moving around in the rain is not your thing, grabbing a cup of coffee and enjoying at the amazing view will be a real treat. When it rains, Venice becomes that ancient city depicted in old artworks, reflecting an mysterious island hidden behind the mist, serving as an inspiration for great composers like Vivaldi or Albinoni, for scores of artists from Tintoretto to Monet, for writers and poets, including even Shakespeare. As beautiful as Venice may be, the city can look even more magical under the rain. That is an experience you surely do not want to miss.


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