Venice offers a new convenience – People Mover

The People Mover tram, a long-awaited Venetian innovation, is finally in service! Connecting Piazzale Roma with Tronchetto and the Sea Port (Marittima Terminal), the tram was opened at the end of April to much delight from tourists and city authorities alike. In Venice, where transit is famously challenging and tourists arrive in millions per year, this new tram offers a convenient way for city visitors and residents to move between Tronchetto, the island housing all city parking, and Piazzale Roma, where all motor traffic stops at the entrance to historic city of Venice, and to get from the cruise ship into the city quickly.

Before People Mover started running, the ways to travel by public transport between the car parks, the Port and Piazzale Roma were limited to the infrequent bus service and one vaporetto line, and arriving to Venice by car with luggage or by a cruise ship made it tough to get into the city.

Venice’s People Mover is easy to ride: it operates similarly to airport monorails, riding along one pre-determined route, and the fare is one euro regardless of the length of your trip. Ticket-vending machines are located at every station near the entrance and accept cash (in euros).

So please take note of this new development next time you go to Venice and have an even more pleasant experience in La Serenissima.


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