The Great Murano Glass Masters: Carlo Moretti

When talking of the great glass masters of Murano one does not necessarily need to go hundreds of years back in history. We need only look a few decades back to find some of the most ingenious and innovative minds behind this craft. Amongst them we find Carlo Moretti, a company established no more than 60 years ago, and that has proven to be a true pioneer and innovator in the history of Murano glass.

Created in 1958 in Murano by brothers Carlo and Giovanni Moretti, this company stands as one of a kind in the city’s vast history of glassmakers. Carlo Moretti gathers the excellence of Italian design, hundreds of years of Venetian tradition and immense entrepreneurial courage. The firm, born out of love and admiration for glassmaking, takes inspiration from the Venetian Lagoon and its beautiful colors. It is the very same city that acts as constant inspiration in each and every one of their designs, reflecting its movements, colors and vibrations through glass. Carlo Moretti is one of the few remaining artisan factories (fabbrica d’autore) in Murano. This means each piece that comes out of their furnaces does not only bare a serial number, but also a huge research background and customization. Collecting Moretti artworks means being fully aware of owning one of a kind pieces produced in limited editions, authentic and with masterful know-how.

Carlo Moretti Murano Showroom
L’Isola – Carlo moretti showroom in Venice

A lover of classical music, traveling and architecture, Carlo Moretti was a true Venetian. Born in Murano in 1934, he studied to become a lawyer but would soon change course after discovering his passion for Murano glass. Fully dedicating his time and perseverance to glassmaking, he founded Carlo Moretti along with his brother, Giovanni, in 1958. Being the glass lover he was, Carlo took full control of the creative side of the company, looking over the design and production process at all times. Suddenly gaining recognition, he was honored with multiple awards and conference requests, sharing his passion and experience with the rest of the world. It was his love for different cultures and constant learning that gave him a keen eye for innovation. His time spent traveling and visiting uncountable museums around the world gave him an ample vision in classic and contemporary design, opening his mind to new and unforeseen trends in the glassmaking industry. Moretti’s passing in 2008, coinciding with the brand’s 50th anniversary, left his brother Giovanni at the front of the company, along with a personal style never to be forgotten.

Carlo Moretti Murano Glass Factory
Carlo Moretti Murano Glass Factory

Carlo’s brother, Giovanni, was also born in Murano, in 1940. Just like his brother, his previous studies in marketing would soon take a new course when he stepped in to lead the family company next to his brother. While Carlo represented the creative side of the firm, Giovanni took the branding and marketing side to make the brand become a world famous presence in the international market of the glassmaking industry. He was in charge of leading the commercial development, public relations and partnership agreements. That was until Carlo passed away, when Giovanni had to take full control of the company, making sure the brand’s identity remained unaltered and venturing into the production of collectable pieces. A true lover of good cuisine and art, he spent his time discovering antique markets and traveling, drawing inspiration from every piece of art that crossed his way. Giovanni Moretti passed away in 2014, leaving behind one of Murano’s most precious glass factories, still full of live and bewildering the world with its extraordinary designs.

Carlo Moretti has always been a pioneer when it comes to revamping classics, and their unique crystal lamps show us what happens when you mix historic treasures with ingenious creativity. The Carlo Moretti lamp collection seems otherworldly, the complete opposite of what classic Murano glass stands for, and yet completely brilliant in every way. Suspended between air and light, these creations masterfully transform every shape and texture ever associated with glass. Completely out of the ordinary, these ethereal artworks incorporate the structural purpose of glass and its quality of being a light source. They are a series of floor and table lamps with chromed brass textures and opaline glass cylinders covered by transparent glass domes. Looking like some kind of sophisticated apparatus in a science laboratory, these beautiful glass bulbs combine precise geometric shapes with minimal and austere decoration, playing optical illusions that trick the brain. Bringing in their profound research in lighting and design, these series also present a spiral table lamp lit by led technology at the base. These lamps, not only showcasing the beautiful artisan work, encompass light in an unconventional way, transporting it all the way through the spiral, lighting up the whole piece and its surroundings.

There is no question re-editing old classics is Carlo Moretti’s forte, for that we only need to take a look at Boblu, their classic light globe reinterpretation. These glass spheres are a personalized hanging system that allows each lamp to take part in a dynamic game of composition. The effects of lightness and suspension are possible due to the delicate milk white texture of each glass globe. Just like Cartoccio, a series of uncommon vases in which artisans treat glass like paper, rolling it up and experimenting with cuts and folds.

Ever since 1990, and thanks to Giovanni Moretti’s idea, the company issues a series of six chalices every year. Six as a perfect number, six as the number of neighborhoods in Venice. Tall and elegant and in milky white textures strange to Murano’s classics, these chalices are renewed year after year, as a reflection of time passing by, an opportunity to collect each chalice the way one would do with memories in life.

With pure elegance and rare perfection, Carlo Moretti maintains Carlo’s and Giovanni’s visionary pursuit, the strength and courage to evoke a new universe for Murano glass, and astonish the world with its unpredictable designs.


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