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Sale on All Murano Art Glass from GlassOfVenice – 10% OFF

Now that the holidays are over you can finally relax and give yourself a gift for surviving the craziness. Reward yourself with a piece of exquisite Murano Art Glass from our large selection of unique entirely handcrafted Murano Glass vases, sculptures, tableware and drinkware and enjoy the gorgeous colors and intricate play of light for years to come.

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We just expanded the assortment of our beautiful Murano Art Glass Sculptures and Vases, which make great special occasion gifts for yourself or someone special in your life. These pieces are created by famous Murano Glass masters whose works are featured in museums and private collections worldwide, and many are signed by the Artist.
Cristallo and Gold Flower Murano Glass VaseMurano Art Glass Silver Vase - Amethyst WebMurano Art Glass Millefiori Vase

Murano Glass CrucifixMurano Glass Millefiori AngelMurano Glass Kneeling Horse

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Murano Glass Gifts from GlassOfVenice – 15% OFF

It’s that time of the year again – time to start thinking about holiday shopping and gift giving for all of your friends and loved ones. Everyone wants something unique, something that expresses their individuality, which is increasingly rare in our age of mass-production and cheap alternatives to real art. That is exactly where GlassOfVenice can help – our large selection of unique entirely handcrafted Murano Glass jewelry, tableware, vases, sculptures, Christmas ornaments and various accessories are created in Venice using the centuries-old glassmaking techniques and make perfect one-of-a-kind artistic gifts for men and women of any age, while fitting your budget.

This Holiday season we are also introducing lots of new gorgeous Murano glass products to expand our famously huge assortment of the best authentic Murano glass even further! And it gets even better – use coupon code DECSALE15 during checkout and get 15% OFF every item in our virtual store until December 31, 2011!


We are offering new unique
Murano Glass Candle Holders , gorgeous Murano Glass Goblets and Tumblers, and exquisite rare Murano Glass Decanter Sets.

Amber Gold Murano Glass Candle HolderMurano Glass Museum Goblet - Engraved with Blue and RedMurano Glass Decanter Set with Pitcher

To help you celebrate Christmas in style, we are now bringing you a variety of beautifulMurano Glass Christmas Ornaments with Millefiori created by famous Murano Glass artists. Pick one to hang on your Christmas Tree or give as a beautiful Venetian keepsake.Murano Glass Christmas Ornaments

We are also expanding the assortment of our beautiful Murano Art Glass Sculptures and Vases, which make great holiday and special occasion gifts for yourself or someone special in your life. These pieces are created by famous Murano Glass masters whose works are featured in museums and private collections worldwide, and many are signed by the Artist.
Cristallo and Gold Flower Murano Glass VaseMurano Art Glass Silver Vase - Amethyst WebMurano Art Glass Millefiori Vase

Murano Glass CrucifixMurano Glass Millefiori AngelMurano Glass Kneeling Horse

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World’s Largest Bottle of Grappa in Murano Glass

We all know that Murano glass stands for beautiful artistic objects, exqusiste home decor, and amazing jewelry. Yet today, just like centuries ago, some very practicable objects continue to be made of Murano glass. Supporting this traditional use of Murano glass is Distilleria Bottega located in Bibano, in the famous Prosecco wine region, 25 miles north of Venice. Distilleria Bottega has been producing excellent grappas, liquors, and wines for over thirty years, and the company continues to bottle many of them in hand-blown traditionally-made Murano glass bottles.

Although this distillery has always been well-known to grappa connoisseurs, it has recently achieved new heights and new level of fame. On the 6th of June in the Sant Artemio Park in Treviso, with almost 6,000 people watching, Distilleria Bottega presented its grandest creation yet – a gigantic bottle of grappa made entirely of Murano glass and measuring 2 meters in height, 30 centimeters in diameter. The bottle was filled with 138 liters of fine prosecco grappa, and was measured by the officials from Guinness World Book of Records, who confirmed that it sets the new world record for the Largest Bottle of Grappa.
World Largest Bottle of Grappa in Murano Glass
This record-setting bottle of grappa took eight months of preparation, 200 hours of work and the sweat, blood and tears of six Venetian glass-blowers. This Murano glass giant has a diameter of 25cm, a circumference of 110cm and is 5cm thick.

But don’t despair if you were not in the 6,000 spectator crowd to catch a sight of this Venetian glass wonder. Distilleria Bottega sells its products in 110 countries and produces 6 millions bottles per year. Its Alexander line offers liquors in hand-blown Murano glass bottles, all made following the ancient Venetian glass-blowing. Buy one of this bottles, and you are guaranteed to enjoy not only outstanding grappa, but also its beautiful Venetian glass bottle long after the grappa is gone.


Murano glass vases by Venini for Versace

Murano glass is about to get even more famous and fashionable as it gets a boost from the legendary Versace brand. In an attempt to add a twist to their Versace Casa collection of home furnishings and decor and revive Gianni Versace’s heritage, the famous design house teamed up with the best-in-class Murano glassmaking firm Venini to produce an exclusive collection of hand-blown contemporary glass vases. The result of this collaboration by two biggest names in exclusive fashion is eagerly awaited since 2004 when they last worked together on a line of Murano glass vases.

Speaking at the presentation of the new Versace Casa collection in Milan on April 14th, Donatella Versace said: “I’m so proud because, with this new collaboration, we re-created some historical vases that Gianni had designed, obviously re-edited and streamlined. The first Venini collaboration ran from 1997 to 2004”.

The vases which will include new pieces as well as the legendary Heritage Collection designs from the 1990’s, will be numbered and initialed and will feature rich colors, geometrical patterns and bold designs. They will be available this Fall at all Versace boutiques, selected Venini stores, and other exclusive retailers throughout the world.


How To Visit Murano Glass Furnaces

We often get questions about the possibility of visiting a factory or a workshop in Murano and witnessing the creation of famous Murano Glass. Unfortunately the artisans we work with and many other high quality Murano glass artists do not open the doors of their workshops to tourists. The main reasons are:

  • The artisans consider their business a serious affair and heavily guard their glass-making secrets, so they would like to avoid any unnecessary distractions or intrusions

  • The main expertise of the artisans is in production of Murano glass and not in entertaining tourists or explaining the process to them.

  • The workshops arent’s staffed to handle the inflow of tourists

  • No factories are usually interested in tourist visits just for the sake of showing them the glass-making process. Those factories that agree to hold these demonstrations do so for a chance to sell their wares, often in a pushy way and for above-average price.

If you would still like to see how Murano Glass is made, there is a place in Venice itself called Vecchia Murano that offers free demonstrations (of course with a chance to buy something from their massive store). Vecchia Murano is located near Piazza San Marco right behind the Bridge of Sighs. Also if you take a vaporetto to Murano and just take a walk around the island (which is very pretty, less touristy and much quieter than Venice), you will quickly find furnaces and workshops that are open to tourists and offer demonstrations. If you decide to pay a visit please remember:

  • It is best to visit furnaces on weekday mornings. Most of them are closed during the lunch hour (which tends to be longer than in the U.S. and often runs until 2-3pm) and on weekends.

  • These tours and demonstrations should always be free of charge. Do not agree to deal with anyone who offers to get you into the factory for a fee.

  • In Venice, you may encounter sales representatives from touristy factory showrooms that will offer you a free boat trip to Murano. If you accept, be prepared for a lot of sales pressure when you get there and make sure you know how to get back. In fact it is always better to come to Murano by relatively inexpensive and efficient public transportation, and not have to depend on pushy salespeople.

  • The exit from a demo is almost always through a richly stocked showroom where you may encounter variable amounts of sales pressure. Look at the prices first, and if things seem too expensive – don’t buy. The factories often give you an impression that they sell cheaper “direct from factory”, but this is not always true.

  • If you do decide to buy something, either take it with you, or, if you’d like it shipped, make sure that your purchase will be very well packed and that you know how and when it will reach you. Take down the coordinates of the factory and the name of the salesperson in case any problems arise later on.

  • Please note that almost all Murano glass factories are closed the entire month of August.


I returned from Venice and realized I should have bought more Murano glass there. What can I do now?

While visiting Venice, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of Murano glass offered for sale all over the city. However, once the tourists return home and start wearing or displaying their beautiful Murano glass purchases, they instantly get many complements and questions about these items, prompting them to think that they should have purchased more Murano glass items both for themselves and as gifts. Then they realize that Murano glass is not widely available around them, and wonder “is it too late to buy more?” Fortunately, the answer is “no, it is not too late”.

While outside of Venice there are not many stores specializing in genuine Murano glass, and counterfeits are abound, one can still find a good selection of genuine Murano glass products even after they leave Italy by going on line. Sites like GlassOfVenice.com feature a full line of authentic Murano glass jewelry, accessories, and home décor imported directly from Venice and offered at very reasonable prices.


I had a favorite Murano glass item and it broke. Can it be fixed?

Murano glass is hand-crafted by masters working the heated-up liquefied glass mass using special centuries-old techniques, and then cooling it down till it solidifies to form a specific pattern within a certain shape. For this reason, when an article made of Murano glass breaks, it is not possible to fix it except for gluing it together. Gluing may work if the item has a smooth break line and broke into only two or three pieces as opposed to many small ones.

If, based on the above conditions, you feel that it may be possible to glue the item back together, first of all you need to buy the right glue. We recommend using E-6000® glue for Murano glass, or any glass for that matter. This is a very strong waterproof and flexible adhesive once it dries. The only downside is its long drying time- make sure to let it dry for 24 to 72 hours after application. With this glue, apply a thin coat to both glass surfaces that you need to attach, wait ten minutes and strongly press the surfaces together. Then put the item aside and let dry. Make sure you use this glue only in an area that has adequate ventilation.

If your Murano glass broke in such a way that it can’t be glued together, or if it just cracked inside its frame (like may be the case with Millefiori pendants), your best option may be to try to find a replacement. Regardless of whether the Murano glass item was modern or vintage, purchased recently or long ago, there are companies specializing in Murano glass that will be willing to work with you to find a replacement. GlassOfVenice.com is one such company, which accepts custom requests and is often able to deliver the specified products.


New Murano glass jewelry on GlassOfVenice.com

We have just received from Venice new exquisite Murano glass earrings and necklaces that you can now purchase in our GlassOfVenice virtual store. These beautiful Venetian glass creations are classic and elegant with gorgeous colors and unique designs. They are perfect to wear with your favorite sweaters in the winter and with your light summer dresses in warmer times. These earrings and necklaces also make great Valentine’s Day gifts. Get them while they last!

Millefiori Fantasy Earrings
Millefiori Fantasy Earrings

Murano Glass Magnifica Necklace – Multicolor
Murano Glass Magnifica Necklace - Multicolor

Murano Glass Carnivale di Venezia Necklace – Emerald
Murano Glass Carnivale di Venezia Necklace - Emerald

Murano Glass Laguna Necklace
Murano Glass Laguna Necklace


A New Word in Murano Glass Art – Real Murano Glass Shoes!

In our long careers in Murano glass and many trips to Venice we have seen lots of Murano glass items from smaller rings and pendants all the way to large sculptures, chandeliers, mirrors, bathroom sinks, and even Christmas tree. But one thing we have never seen or even imagined in Murano glass is shoes.

Amazingly enough, we recently learned, now one can find and even buy and wear real Murano glass shoes! And if you like that idea, you do not even need to travel to Italy. Master shoemaker Pasquale Fabrizio who owns famous Pasquale Shoe Repair in Los Angeles that serves lots of celebrities and Hollywood stars has just created a line of Murano glass shoes fit for a real-life princess. These amazing shoes were introduced to the world (or rather to a selected few celebrities) at a champagne reception on January 29, 2010 on the rooftop patio of Pasquale Fabrizio’s shoe studio called “Q by Pasquale”. This proves that there really is no limit to Murano glass art and that, far from being a thing of the past, it holds a dinstinctive fashionable place in modern life.
Murano Glass Shoe