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Is Murano Glass Worth The Money? 4 Reasons To Splurge.

Is Murano Glass Worth the Money? Murano Glass is an art form and as such it does increase in value over time. Collectors purchase Murano Glass, museums exhibit it, and lots of wealthy people use Murano Art Glass for home decor. The high price for Murano Glass often makes sense as each piece is a designer object that is handmade and unique.

Murano Glass works of art at Capellin Vennini exhibition in Murano, Italy

Here are the 4 reasons to pay premium prices for Murano Glass.

1. Murano Glass is a collectible item.

Murano Glass is an art form that has been in existence for at least 800 years. The master artisans of Murano started from humble beginnings. However, over the following hundreds of years, they continuously evolved their blown glass creativity, elevating it to art by the renaissance.

Many famous masters had their own workshops on Murano island. They came up with fancy forms, deep colors, and creative designs. Initially only the rich and famous could afford expensive and elegant Murano objects, which had the superior quality to any glass created elsewhere. Their clarity was mind-blowing and unheard of. Murano Glass chandeliers were translucent and reflected so much light. Venetian mirrors had not just unique ornamental designs but, more importantly, highly polished glass surfaces, allowing for clear reflections. 

However, in the twentieth century, the level of wealth of the general population grew. More and more middle-class people started traveling to Venice and got familiar with Murano and its glass art. Regular people were purchasing Murano Glass mirrors in Venice for their homes. or shopping for Murano Glass vases to display on the shelves.

Collectors of Murano Glass art come from all walks of life. However, they have in common an understanding of the special beauty of this art medium and the different styles and techniques used to create Murano Glass over the centuries. 

Multiple catalogs of Murano Glass and the works of specific glass artists exist. Many have been published in the twentieth century. The catalogs and special books allow collectors to learn more and gauge the artistic value and the rarity of a particular piece. Multiple auction houses, including Sotheby’s and Christie’s, feature Murano Glass. Especially popular are sculptures, figurines, chandeliers, and vases. Occasionally, auction houses will feature Murano jewelry along with precious jewelry.

Murano Glass Scarpa Exhibit
Carlo Scarpa Murano Glass exhibition in New York
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Is Murano Glass Valuable?

Murano Glass Is Valuable - Salviati, Toso, Moretti. Murano Glass Museum, Venice
Murano Glass By Salviati, Toso, Moretti, 19th Century. Murano Glass Museum, Venice.

Is Murano Glass valuable? You may wonder – is that Murano piece my grandmother left me special? Yes, many authentic Murano Glass pieces have appraised value of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Depending on who made them and when, which technique was used, and how rare a piece is, it may be a highly valuable special work of art, or it may be considered a valuable antique.

So why is Murano Glass valuable? And where does its value come from? In this article we will go over the main characteristics that define the price of a Murano Glass piece.

Murano Glass Value Is Defined By Several Factors.

  1. The master or the glassworks that created the piece. Many masters of Murano Glass attained worldwide fame for the special artistic value of their pieces. This list includes Paolo Venini, Alfredo Barbini, Archimede and Livio Seguso, Carlo Scarpa, Vittorio Zecchin, Lino Tagliapetra, Carlo Moretti, Fulvio Bianconi and many other prominent Venetian glass artists. Their signed works, as well as the works marked with the stamps of the most prestigious Murano Glass companies, such as Barovier and Toso, Fratelli Toso, Venini, Moretti, Formia, Gambaro e Poggi, Simone Cenedese, Alessandro Mandruzzato, command high values and top prices on the antique market.
  2. The craftsmanship and the technique. Certain techniques of Murano glass-making are very complex and require incredible skill and precision along with artistic talent. Filigrana, Reticello, and Zanfirico are some of the rarest and most valued Murano Glass techniques. They involve heating, stretching, and twisting glass canes into elaborate lace-like designs. Millefiori (or Murrina in Italian) is another one, where tiny pieces of glass canes with designs inside are fused together into quilt-like patterns.
  3. The age and condition. Murano Glass is first and foremost, an art. Thus, like all artworks, Murano Glass pieces become more valuable with age. Every period of Murano Glassmaking has a unique appeal. The most valuable pieces are the ones that survived from the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th century Venice. Many of these are in museums, while others are carefully kept in private collections. Artworks from the 20th century are easier to come across, with mid-century works making up the majority of this century’s Murano Art Glass heritage. Specialized antique online marketplaces, auction houses, and serious Murano Glass sellers such as GlassOfVenice.com offer authentic mid-century Murano Glass. Here you can find many vintage Murano masterpieces at competitive prices.
Murano Glass Art By Carlo Scarpa, 20th Century Vintage Glass.

Valuable Murano Glass For Your Home.

Murano Glass is certainly valuable, due to its very long history, and constant artistic innovation based upon ancient methods of craftsmanship. It is also a recognized art form displayed in museums worldwide. Specifically, you can find many Murano Glass items in the most famous museums of the world, from The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Getty Villa to The British Museum, The Louvre, Murano Glass Museum in Murano, and other prominent collections.

But you can admire a Murano vase, sculpture, or mirror without a trip to a famous museum, Displaying a valuable piece of Murano Glass in your home is possible without breaking the bank. Check out the Vintage Glass Collection where Glass Of Venice offers valuable pieces by Formia, Loredano Rossin, Seguso Vetri d’Arte, Licio Zanetti, Salviati, and others. These unique artworks are true heirlooms to keep in your family and pass on to future generations.


Where to Buy Murano Glass in the UK

Our customers from the UK frequently ask us where to buy Murano Glass in the UK. We can recommend several options for finding and buying authentic Murano Glass for UK residents, including Glass Of Venice website and Amazon.

Where to buy Murano Glass in the UK. Physical stores are few.
Murano Glass store on Murano island, Venice, Italy

In looking for the best options to buy Murano Glass in the UK you need to weigh the following considerations:

Is It Authentic?

Make sure the glassware you are purchasing is authentic. This means it was made by hand in one of the established workshops on Murano island using the traditional methods and techniques. Please read our blog article to know how to make sure the piece you want to purchase is genuine Murano Glass. Unfortunately, many fake Murano pieces sold today are made in China. This is especially important if you are shopping at marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, where lots of fakes are peddled as authentic Murano Glass.

What Is The Price?

The prices of genuine Murano Glass pieces vary widely. You may pay just a few British pounds for a pair of small Murano earrings or thousands of pounds for art glass pieces such as vases and sculptures. Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers may cost you several thousand pounds depending on the size. We advise you to comparison shop online and see what the prices are for comparable Murano Glass pieces. In addition, fakes are typically surprisingly cheap. Hence if you see a piece that is too cheap to be true, it’s probably fake. Read our article to understand how much Murano Glass should cost and how to pay the right price for the piece that you like.

Is There A Large Assortment?

There are a number of Murano Glass online stores. Most of them specialize in certain types of pieces, such as only vases and sculptures, only chandeliers and other lighting fixtures, or only jewellery. Find and compare several websites that carry the items that you want. Your best bet is to seek out a site that carries the full range of Murano Glass. Such sites will have the most extensive connections with the artisans and often the most experience shipping the items and the best prices.

How Much Is Shipping?

Because you are in the United Kingdom, you need to shop at an online store that ships to the UK. More over, look for reasonable shipping fees and coverage for any shipping-related damages. Once you add all the items to your shopping cart, start going through the checkout to see how much the shipping fees will be, and compare them to other sellers.

In addition, make sure that the seller will replace the items free of charge should they arrive damaged. Glass is fragile and it is very possible that your item may not be adequately packaged or may break from rough handling by the carrier. Also make sure you understand return policies of the seller and buy from those where return is easy and not overly expensive from the UK. At GlassOfVenice.com we ship to the UK every day and we always replace any items that arrive damaged promptly and free of charge.

Where is the seller based?

While the majority of online sellers of Murano Glass are based in Italy, there are a few including Glass Of Venice that are in the U.S. Some are in the U.K. The quality of customer service and communication, and of the buying and shipping processes will often be better when you shop from the US or UK online stores.

While the Italian stores are closest to the artisans, they will often have difficult replacement and return conditions and long lead times due to not having items in stock. At GlassOfVenice.com we keep all items in stock and ship everything within 24 business hours from purchase.

If you buy from Amazon or eBay ascertain first what seller you are actually dealing with and where they are based. Do not rely on the marketplace itself to take care of all the issues that may arise with your purchase.


If you are in the UK you have many options for buying Murano Glass and having it quickly delivered to your doorstep. Research the sellers, compare the prices, and find the pieces you like online. Good luck with your Murano Glass shopping!


Top 5 Things To See And Do On Murano Island

While Venice is a beautiful and wonderfully diverse city, it’s also rather small. After a number of days spent wandering through the stunning corridors that crisscross the city and admiring art, you may feel inclined to visit one of the smaller islands that surround Venice, such as Murano, Burano, or Torcello.

Of course we can’t be impartial when it comes to choosing a Venetian island to visit, and we wholeheartedly recommend Murano – the home of the most beautiful glassware in the world and the place to experience true Venetian lifestyle of the bygone era. Murano is a tiny island in the Venetian lagoon, just north of Venice proper. Renowned for its glassmaking tradition, the island boasts a population of 5,000 people, many of whom are direct descendants of famous glassmaking families.

The island is rich with culture and tradition and was once used as a refuge for Venetian glass-makers, who were forced by governmental officials to leave the city of Venice in the 1291 and establish their furnaces on Murano. For lovers of art, history, fine craftsmanship, or simply for breathtaking views- Murano is definitely a location to consider. here we give you the scoop on the top 5 things to do on Murano island. And, what’s great, you can actually do all of this in one day and still have time left for a nice dinner either right here on Murano or in Venice, a short vaporetto ride away.

Murano Canal

1. Take a Walk Around Town

The island of Murano consists of 7 individual islands linked together by beautiful bridges. While this sounds overwhelming, the whole island actually measures a mere 1 mile, which is easily walkable in 20 minutes.

Much like the city of Venice, Murano has a ‘Canale Grande’ (Grand Canal) that runs down the center, and separates rows of ancient buildings. The main and arguably most impressive building on the island is the municipal building, called ‘Palazzo Da Mula’. This dates back to the 13th century, and features a characteristically gothic facade, popular in Venetian architecture. The canals, along with the island’s three remaining churches, in addition to the beautiful buildings- are reasons enough to take a walking tour of Murano.
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What NOT To Do in Venice – Top Five Tips for Better Travel

Venice is a gorgeous city, but to feel its beauty among the crowds which fill Venice from April to October is not an easy task. The Venetians, whose number is dropping every year, also get tired of the crowds and can sometimes be a little grumpy or impatient, not to mention the high prices they tend to charge in restaurants, bars, stores, and hotels. Therefore, to have a good time when visiting Venice and to leave with nothing but the best impressions you would need to do your research and prepare for the trip ahead of time. There are tons of resources on- and off-line on visiting Venice, but most of them focus on the things you need to do in the city. We, on the other hand, decided to give you a no-less-useful guide on what NOT to do in Venice. Read our tips, memorize them, and you will surely avoid more than a few pitfalls that await a clueless visitor to Venice.

1. Do not spend your hard-earned cash on a Gondola trip

Gondola in Venice, Italy
Sure, the gondolas are beautiful, romantic and one of the top things we associate with Venice. So why not have a great $100 trip along the canals (of course, if you can afford it)? Well, in the recent decades gondolas have become extremely commercialized. While there is still no better way of seeing Venice than from water, spending so much cash on gondolas is simply not the best idea. Oftentimes the gondoliers are not the smiling easy-going types you have imagined. They may not have the best voices and if they sing you something it’s likely not a local Venetian song but rather a famous Neapolitan cliché like “O Sole Mio”. The gondolas nowadays are packed with camera-toting foreign tourists, not the romantic lovers of the bygone days. A fairly short trip along the canals, a large part of which will be spent getting out of multiple gondola traffic jams, will cost you no less than $80 during the day and even more in the evening. The gondolier will likely only tell you a couple of words about some of the most famous buildings, nothing that could amount to a “tour” they may have sold you.

Instead, go to one of several Traghetto stops and cross the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian Gondola for mere pennies! Traghetto is a no-frills real gondola that carries passengers between the picturesque banks of the Grand Canal in places where there are no bridges. It’s the transport frequently used by Venetians who often catch a traghetto to do their daily shopping or return home with the bags of produce. Venetians typically stand in the traghetto, but you can sit and take in the gorgeous sights – no one will frown. The best routes are between the Fish Market near Rialto to Santa Sofia and from Punta della Dogana to Piazza San Marco. Continue reading


Murano Glass Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Although we love them all year round, what a wonderful thing it is that there is a day to celebrate our mothers and all of the contributions they make to our lives. Make this day truly memorable for her by surprising her with hand-crafted, Murano Glass Jewelry and Watches, Home Decor, or Tableware that show just how much she means to you. GlassOfVenice.com.

Below are a few suggestions to get you started:

For The Fashionista Mother

We recommend selecting one of our elegant Necklaces that are made of finely crafted Murano Glass beads. Our easy-to-use website allows you to quickly find the necklace you like based on color, technique, or even length. One very popular choice is the Vecchia Murano necklace, whose impeccable beauty is expressed through the use of beads of complementing cranberry and cocoa tones. Our selection of necklaces and other jewelry includes diverse pieces that vary by color, style, and design, and we are sure you can find the perfect piece for your mom or a mother you’d like to honor. Receiving hand-crafted, Murano glass jewelry is sure to leave any mother speechless on her special day. Continue reading


Kick Off the Year in Style – Take Part in Our Murano Glass Giveaway!

It is a new year and a new chance to win something beautiful from GlassOfVenice! Our Murano Glass giveaways proved wildly popular over the years. No wonder, it is a win-win: our customers and admirers love a good deal and we are happy to keep the passion live by gifting our artistic beautiful pieces. So we are announcing OUR NEXT MURANO GLASS GIVEAWAY which we are now running on Facebook.

If you are in the United States get a chance to win a beautiful 18mm Murano Glass Millefiori Pendant in gold-plated or silver frame (your choice) absolutely free by becoming our Fan on Facebook and taking part in our January Murano Glass Giveaway. The giveaway will be running for one week concluding on January 29th at 11:59 PM EST. If you are the lucky winner, you will see for yourself how wearing one gets you many compliments every day.

Murano Millefiori Pendant

Rules for Millefiori Pendant Giveaway from GlassOfVenice.

Giveaway Details: This giveaway is open to US Residents only with Facebook accounts. You must become our Fan on Facebook and complete the Mandatory Entry to be eligible. This giveaway started on January 22nd and will close on January 29th, at 11:59 pm EST Time. To enter click on Murano Glass Giveaway and follow directions on the page. The winner will be contacted by e-mail at the conclusion of the Giveaway. Good luck!

About Murano Millefiori
Millefiori (known in Italian as Murrine) is an ancient glass-making technique invented by the Romans around the 1st Century B.C., then lost, and subsequently rediscovered by the talented Venetian glass masters in the late 15th Century. Millefiori technique is a labor-intensive multi-stage process. The first step is the creation of the special thin glass rods with various multi-color star- or flower patterns inside. These rods are then cut into little mosaic-like pieces called Murrine, which are assembled by hand into various designs and are used to cover molten glass completely as it is being blown and shaped. The hot glass objects covered in small Murrine are then put into special furnaces where the Millefiori pieces fuse together under high temperatures to form intricate colorful quilt-like designs, which fascinate and dazzle.


Murano Glass Holiday Sale at GlassOfVenice.com – 15% OFF

As the holidays are approaching, we at GlassOfVenice.com bring you lots of new Murano Glass pieces to decorate your Christmas tree, put on your table or mantle, or give as memorable keepsake gifts for your relatives, friends, and other special people in your life. Murano Glass has been an exclusive and very desirable gift for centuries, with its rare combination of handcrafted quality, rich colors and gorgeous patterns, unique designs, and artistic heritage inseparable from Venice. At GlassOfVenice we work closely with the artisans to support and promote the tradition of artistic Murano Glass and help you choose the best exquisite gifts from our large selection of authentic Murano Glass Christmas ornaments, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tableware and silverware, drinkware, vases, sculptures, and more. All our Murano Glass is imported directly from Venice, where it is created by talented glass masters using a variety of ancient glass-making techniques.

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Murano Horn of PlentyMurano Glass BirdsMurano Glass Lovers

Murano Glass Christmas OrnamentsMurano Glass Christmas Ornaments Murano Glass Christmas Ornaments

Cristallo and Gold Flower Murano Glass VaseMurano Art Glass Silver Vase - Amethyst WebMurano Art Glass Millefiori Vase

Murano Glass CrucifixMurano Glass Kneeling Horse

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Father’s Day Murano Glass Gift Guide from GlassOfVenice Plus Special Sale 15% OFF

Father's Day Gifts from GlassOfVenice
Selecting meaningful gifts for men is never an easy task, and managing to find a great Father’s Day gift year after year is even more difficult. After all you don’t want to just continue expanding your dad’s tie collection or give him yet another gadget that will become outdated before the year is out. That’s why we think Murano Glass fits the bill perfectly every year – a special, unique, stylish gift, requiring zero maintenance and never going out of fashion.

To help you pick just the right gift for your dad from our large selection we wrote this special Murano Glass Father’s Day Gift Guide. Just see what best describes your dad and pick one of the gifts we suggest for him. We are sure he’ll love it!
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Father's Day Murano Glass Birds and Animals Gifts Nature Lover This is the man who appreciates the nature’s wonders and loves watching or photographing animals and birds in the wild. He may like to travel to remote destinations and catch a glimpse of the nature in its purest form. For such a man we offer a selection of exquisitely crafted Murano Glass Animals and Birds.
Father's Day Murano Glass Nautical Gifts Inspired by The Sea This is the man that hears the siren call of The Sea and feels the unexplained attraction to the lull of the waves. He loves spending his days out boating, fishing, or just watching the tide and relaxing on the shore. He may like Island vacations and may be into snorkeling or even diving. For such sea lovers the best gift is one of our unique handcrafted Murano Glass Nautical Sculptures which will let him always feel close to the sea.
Murano Glass Cufflinks and Mens Gifts Style Conscious This is the sophisticated man who likes to live in style and dress well. He has the European-inspired approach to clothing and chooses well-fitting elegant clothes from the smart brands which combine value with just the right dose of classic fashion. He may like to attend various cultural events and travel to the cities that buzz with cultural attractions, and his home reflects his discerning tastes. Murano Glass is the ideal gift for the style-conscious man and to cater to his refined tastes we offer exquisite Murano Cufflinks, Keychains, Photo Frames, Letter Knives, and Ashtrays.
Murano Glass Wine Glasses and Goblets and Mens Gifts Wine Aficionado This is the man who knows how to pick and enjoy a good bottle of wine and creates a pleasurable and relaxing experience from uncorking the new bottle. He likes to slow down and enjoy life, gather friends and loved ones, and let the good times roll. He may be dreaming of taking trips to the world’s famous wine-making regions but is often just as satisfied with sitting down peacefully in front of the fireplace with a good coffee-table book. For such a man we offer a selection of the world-famous superbly handcrafted Murano Wine Glasses and Goblets, Decanters and Carafe Sets, Bottle Openers and Corkscrews and Bottle Stoppers.
Father's Day Murano Glass Cheese Knives and Serving Pieces The Party Host This is the man who loves to entertain and does so in style. He is happy to gather friends or family, serve up fine appetizers or exciting dishes, and is a master at creating the genial and joyful atmosphere that the guests always enjoy. Such man is the happiest when his house is full and there is a fun conversation around the table. Just like most men (though they won’t admit it) he likes to show off a little and get a few compliments, but who can blame him for that when he is truly the life of the party and such a gracious host. For the man who likes to throw stylish parties we offer a selection of exquisitely crafted Murano Glass Drinking Glasses and Tableware and Serving Pieces that will have the guests talking long after the party is over.

Our Murano Glass gifts are a perfect way to get the important men in your life something that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Use coupon code FATHERS15 during checkout and get 15% OFF your Murano Glass Father’s Day gifts until June 17, 2012!
We just expanded the assortment of our unique and artistic Murano Glass Father’s Day Gifts and Venetian Gifts to help you bring the undying Venetian tradition of Murano Glass to your fathers and your favorite men this Father’s Day and always. These pieces are created by the famous Murano Glass masters who love what they do and who spent decades learning from their fathers and grandfathers and perfecting their glass-making skills.

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Mother’s Day Venetian-Style from GlassOfVenice

Mother's Day Gifts from GlassOfVenice
May is the time when we treat the most important women in our lives – our mothers, and the mothers around us, which we value and respect. Giving us unconditional love, encouragement, and self confidence, our moms dedicate their lives to us, and for that we are forever thankful. You may think that Mother’s Day is a special U.S. holiday, but in fact it’s celebrated all over the world, although it has different roots and is celebrated on different days in different countries.

In Italy Mother’s Day is called La Festa Della Mamma and, like so many Italian customs, it traces its origins to the ancient Romans, who had a spring feast in honor of the goddess of marriage and motherhood named Juno (which meant “vital force” in Latin), and prayed to her for fertility and healthy offspring. The ancient Romans had a custom of marrying in June, Juno’s month, to ensure a good fruitful marriage, and that custom is still alive and well today among modern Italians. In every culture mothers are respected and loved, but in Italy a mother is a vital force not just in the family but in the community, and even more than that, mothers play a very important role in the larger society. Surprisingly, eight out of ten Italian men ages 18 to 30 still live with their mamma’s (such men are affectionately called “mammoni” or mamma’s boys -a term extremely common in today’s Italy), and countless others always consult with their mamma’s when there is a need to make an important decision. While La Festa Della Mamma in its present form was first officially celebrated in 1957 on the second Sunday in May, it has quickly become one of the most loved and widely celebrated Italian holidays.

On this day Italian sons and daughters free their mamma’s of any household chores. Those adult children that live outside the home try to come home and spend the day with their mothers and families. Of course Italians are famous for their love of good food and wine, so they often celebrate La Festa Della Mamma with a big family feast and for desert there is always a cake in the shape of a heart. And of course all children from the very young to the very old give their mothers gifts and keepsakes to be treasured for years.

Whether you are an Italian or not, Mother’s Day is a great time to let your mother and those special mothers around you know just how special they are with the most special and unique gifts you can find. We at GlassOfVenice have wonderful Murano Glass gifts for moms of all ages, carefully handcrafted one-at-a-time in the furnaces of Venetian artisans. A Murano Glass gift straight from Venice, which carries all the passion, magic and beauty of this amazing City on the Water will make every mom feel loved and appreciated.

Gift for moms of exquisite Murano Glass from our large selection of unique entirely handcrafted Murano Glass jewelry, vases, sculptures, accessories, tableware and barware, which lets your mothers and the important women in your life enjoy the aura of Venice for years to come.
We just expanded the assortment of our beautiful Murano Glass Mother’s Day Gifts and Venetian Gifts to help you bring the Art of Murano Glass and Venetian beauty to your mothers and your favorite women this Mother’s Day and always. These pieces are created by famous Murano Glass masters who love what they do and who spent decades learning from their fathers and grandfathers and perfecting their glass-making skills.
Murano Glass Pasta serverMurano Heart Pendant GoldMurano Heart NecklaceMurano Glass Heart SculptureMurano Glass DogMurano Heart vase

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