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How To Identify Murano Glass: 5 Tips

5 Tips To Identify Authentic Murano Glass by GlassOfVenice

How to identify Murano Glass? Murano Glass is only made on Murano Island in Venice, Italy. Since there is no requirement for universal markings of authentic Murano Glass, you need special methods to identify Murano Glass and avoid counterfeits. You will need to analyze the colors, imperfections, labels or markings, store reputation, and customer service’s knowledge of Murano Glass.

Here are the five tips to tell original Murano Glass from Glass Of Venice – the recognized expert in genuine Murano Glass.

  1. Authentic Murano Glass has rich colors and often real gold or silver specks inside. The color shades vary from item to item.

    When Murano artisans make glassware by hand, they use various minerals to give color to the glass mass. As the glass mass gets heated, the minerals melt and give transparent glass specific colors, such as blue from cobalt or red from gold, green from iron or pink from manganese. Often the colors get layered on top of each other in a special technique called Sommerso. In addition, the masters often use thin sheets of gold or silver that get added to the glass mass and create a layer of gold or silver sparkles inside the glass. In a special demonstration of mastery, the artisan may create glassware that looks like a bright quilt of mosaic-like pieces, the ancient Roman technique known as Millefiori or Murrina.


    Murano Glass Millefiori Vase Gold

  2. An authentic Murano Glass object has an imperfect shape, or other small imperfections, or size and shape variations.

    When masters craft Murano Glass by hand, they do not use exact measurements or machines to create perfect shapes or perfect polish. Therefore, most Murano Glass pieces may come out slightly asymmetrical, with bottoms that have somewhat rough pontil marks where the glass piece is taken off the stick, and sometimes there would be bubbles captured inside the glass. Two items of the same model may vary in terms of shape, size, color shade, or pattern. This is all thanks to a very manual ancient process where only basic tools are used and where the masters take pride in following the techniques and traditions of their fathers and grandfathers, with no modern technology or conveyor belts.


    Making Murano Glass Vase in Venice Italy

  3. Authentic Murano Glass often (but not always) has labels with the name of the workshop and the signature of the master and comes with certificates of authenticity.

    If you see phrases like “Vetro Eseguito Secondo La Tecnica Dei Maestri Di Murano” beware: this is a fake. The words mean “glass created following the technique of Murano masters”, meaning this is not glassware made by Murano masters. Watch out for words like “crystal” because Murano Glass is not crystal. When you see the name of the factory on the label, research where they are located. If they are outside of Venice and Murano, they are not selling authentic Murano Glass.


    Murano Glass Bowl with signature of master glass blower

  4. Authentic Murano Glass is typically sold in physical stores or on the websites, which feature a large selection of high-end art glass items.

    If you see large gorgeous colorful vases, sculptures, and recognizable expensive typically Venetian pieces such as gondolas, lovers, Moores, clowns, Goldonian ladies and gentlemen, Millefiori glassware, as well as beautiful chandeliers, most likely this store carries genuine Murano Glass from a number of highly skilled masters and factories.


    Murano Glass store in Venice Italy

  5. Authentic Murano Glass sellers usually know the world of Murano Glass very well and are able to answer all your questions fully and honestly.

    If you are unsure before purchasing, make a conversation with the seller or contact them by e-mail, chat, or phone, and ask them about the master or factory that made your piece, about the seller’s buying process, ask which types of factories they deal with, how often they visit Murano, request assurances of authenticity. If the seller can answer all your questions in an open and friendly manner and give you as much information on their pieces and artisans as you desire, they are most likely selling real original Murano Glass.


    Master Holding Murano Glass Birds Figurine in Murano Italy

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