Murano Glass makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day


The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, is approaching with the speed of Cupid’s arrow, bringing with it the perpetual quest for a perfect memorable gift. This year you can surprise your sweetheart with a museum-quality piece of Murano Glass for a gift that will always be treasured. In addition to gifting the marvelous work of Murano Glass, you are also granting your loved one an experience that is associated with the romantic aura of Venice and the artistic heritage of the famed Murano Island in the Venetian Lagoon.

This distinct and labor-intensive method of glass-working originated in Venice many centuries ago, most likely passed down by the ancient Romans, who spotted wonderful and elegant glass pieces that Egyptians loved to use. Since 1291 the glassmakers on Venetian island of Murano have held the ranks of rule over the industry of blown glass works for centuries. As a result, the skilled artisans who create Murano Glass pieces continue to spend painstaking hours upon hours practicing a craft that has been passed down by generations of glassmakers and apprentices. Individuals who work with glass in Venice are held in high esteem thanks to the beauty and craftsmanship put into their glasswork. Today, the same techniques and traditions continue to be used in the formation of Murano Glass pieces.

When you purchase a piece of authentic Murano Glass in the U.S., you are getting the convenience and security of knowing your order will be reliably processed and promptly shipped, without sacrificing the quality. And the handcrafted and individually designed pieces using the techniques of Murano Glass that you will give to your precious Valentine will come along with visions of romantic canal rides and beautiful sunsets over the Venetian Lagoon, giving them the sentimental value not found in any other gift. Heart shaped pendants, necklaces, and earrings fashioned using centuries’ old techniques make wonderful gifts for women who love unique artisan jewelry. There are plenty of fine gifts for men as well, including designer cufflinks to add elegance and style to a man’s wardrobe, along with exquisite office accessories and barware for the men who prefer upscale designer accessories and value European quality and artistic tradition.
High-end pieces such as intertwined Murano Glass lovers are made with intricate detail using the famed Murano glass techniques. For Valentines who love the look of art, go all out with a tabletop sculpture featuring this amazing art form. Consider a sculpture of rich red heart or love birds for a dining room centerpiece. A Murano Glass sculpture will remain gorgeous and translucent as the years go by – it will never fade, go out of style, or shrink too small. Additionally, you are giving your loved one a piece of history that can be passed down through generations. This Valentine’s Day as you shop for the ultimate in treasured romance, choose a handcrafted, one of a kind keepsake made by passionate Venetian artisans practicing centuries’ old Murano Glass art.

by Kevin Grinberg


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    I am interested in millefiori table lamps that look antique. Is this something that you carry? If not, please
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