Is Murano Glass Valuable?

Murano Glass Is Valuable - Salviati, Toso, Moretti. Murano Glass Museum, Venice
Murano Glass By Salviati, Toso, Moretti, 19th Century. Murano Glass Museum, Venice.

Is Murano Glass valuable? You may wonder -is that Murano piece my grandmother left me special? Yes, many authentic Murano Glass pieces have appraised value of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Depending on who made them and when, which technique was used, and how rare a piece is, it may be a highly valuable special work of art, or it may be considered a valuable antique.

So why is Murano Glass valuable? And where does its value come from? Here are the main aspects that help determine the value of a Murano Glass piece:

  1. The master or the glassworks that created the piece. Many masters of Murano Glass attained worldwide fame for the special artistic value of their pieces. This list includes Paolo Venini, Alfredo Barbini, Archimede and Livio Seguso, Carlo Scarpa, Vittorio Zecchin, Lino Tagliapetra, Carlo Moretti, Fulvio Bianconi and many other prominent Venetian glass artists. Their signed works, as well as the works marked with the stamps of the most prestigious Murano Glass companies, such as Barovier and Toso, Fratelli Toso, Venini, Moretti, Formia, Gambaro e Poggi, Simone Cenedese, Alessandro Mandruzzato, command high values and top prices on the antique market.
  2. The craftsmanship and the technique. Certain techniques of Murano glass-making are very complex and require incredible skill and precision along with artistic talent. Filigrana, Reticello, and Zanfirico are some of the rarest and valued Murano Glass technique, involving heating, stretching, and twisting glass canes into elaborate lace-like designs. Millefiori (or Murrina in Italian) is another one, where tiny pieces of glass canes with designs inside are fused together into quilt-like patterns.
  3. The age and condition. Murano Glass is an art, and like all artworks, Murano Glass pieces become more valuable with age. Every period of Murano Glassmaking has a unique appeal. The most valuable pieces are the ones that survived from the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th century Venice, many of which are in museums, while others are carefully kept in private collections. Artworks from the 20th century are easier to come across, with mid-century works making up the majority of this century’s Murano Art Glass heritage. Specialized antique online marketplaces, auction houses, and serious Murano Glass sellers such as offer authentic valuable mid-century and other vintage Murano masterpieces at competitive prices.
Murano Glass Art By Carlo Scarpa, 20th Century Vintage Glass.

Murano Glass is certainly valuable, first and foremost because it is an art form. You can find many Murano Glass items in the most famous museums of the world, from The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Getty Villa to The British Museum, The Louvre, Murano Glass Museum in Murano, and other prominent collections. But it is possible to own a valuable piece of Murano Glass without breaking the bank. Check out the Vintage Glass Collection curated by Glass Of Venice where we offer valuable pieces by Formia, Loredano Rossin, Seguso Vetri d’Arte, Licio Zanetti, Salviati, and others, which are the true art heirlooms to keep in your family and pass to future generations.


10 thoughts on “Is Murano Glass Valuable?

  1. Ruth Gatward

    I have a decanter in red with gold stopper 6 goblet’s same snd a Venetian tray purchased in 1986 as I have the bill of sale. In gold writing on the base it has I believe
    Lavorazione Arte Murano But it’s looks a bit different possible lavorazione the mama the followed by V.M. Using the gold they decorated them in. Bill of sale address is vecchia murano glass factory vetrerie – Hornaza. Callie Larga S Marco 4392/a venezia purchased 17/3/1986 Can you help me identify it’s true name if the set ?

    Brandy glasses primavera red decanter red ? Cloud ? Then tray Venetian tray engraved

    I don’t know much more it has raise white flower petals red glass and gold decorations

  2. Jess

    Hello, I have a clear glass and turquoise blue fish sculpture with the signature R. Anana. Is this authentic Murano glass?

  3. Carolyn S Bate

    I have a Murano glass angel. Colors are swirled throughout with halo of gold. How would I find the worth of this piece?

  4. Susan M

    I have 2 glass owls that say Murano Glass on a silver sticker on the back of both. One is about a foot tall and looks purple/blue in the light. The other is half the size and blue. Both were passed down from my grandma to my mom to me. I believe they got them in the 60’s but not sure. How much do you think they’re worth?

  5. Connie Stegall

    I have a piece it is an elephant that is of a pinkish red color with black ears. Very heavy and beautiful glass piece abs was wondering if it is a Murano piece. It has Murano on the bottom of the piece. How do i find out?

  6. Barbara Watkins

    Is a crystal pair of black faced figurines dressed in identical aqua pantaloons with turbans bearing large platters of fruit purchased around 1950’s possibly a valuable murinou antique

  7. Sylvia Macdonald

    I have a vintage set four by four sherbet glasses orange yellow cranberry world with light heavily gilded with gold and flowers.I have 7. They have labels the labels say Cristal T. Murano made in Italy. Are the real

    1. GlassOfVenice Post author

      Cristal T. pieces are made by Alfa e Omega Cristallerie e Porcellane. Their production is based in Italy but not in Murano/Venice area, hence their production does not qualify as Murano Glass (which is only glassware made according to the ancient local tradition in Murano, Italy).


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