Help us save Venice for future generations

We are on a mission to help save Venice together with our clients. At we are passionate about Murano glass and the city where it has been created for centuries. We do not only sell beautiful authentic Murano glass but also strive to preserve the beautiful and unique city of Venice and its global heritage for future generations.

Ages of water damage are killing Venice, its population is dwindling, and many of its historic palaces and churches are in dire need of restoration. Today famous Venetian floods, or “aqua alta”, occur much more often than in the past, making the need to act even more urgent. To help preserve the famous city on the water we are introducing Save Venice – a way for us and our customers to team up and help now, before it is too late. Let’s save the beauty that we still have in the world and ensure that our children will enjoy Venice just as much as we do! Here is how it works:

With every purchase made in our virtual store you will have an opportunity to donate for restoration and preservation of Venice. 100% of your donations will go to foundation. As soon as our clients donations total $100 we add another $100 and make a donation to, a non-profit American charitable organization working on projects to save and protect Venice and its cultural heritage. It is one of the most important of the 30 international committees that were formed under the umbrella of UNESCO to restore and protect Venice’s threatened masterpieces.

Read more about this program here: GlassOfVenice SaveVenice Program

We hope you will join in to help and make a difference by saving the city that we all love!


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