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Guides to shopping for authentic Murano Glass gufts for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas and winter holidays

Murano Glass Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Although we love them all year round, what a wonderful thing it is that there is a day to celebrate our mothers and all of the contributions they make to our lives. Make this day truly memorable for her by surprising her with hand-crafted, Murano Glass Jewelry and Watches, Home Decor, or Tableware that show just how much she means to you.

Below are a few suggestions to get you started:

For The Fashionista Mother

We recommend selecting one of our elegant Necklaces that are made of finely crafted Murano Glass beads. Our easy-to-use website allows you to quickly find the necklace you like based on color, technique, or even length. One very popular choice is the Vecchia Murano necklace, whose impeccable beauty is expressed through the use of beads of complementing cranberry and cocoa tones. Our selection of necklaces and other jewelry includes diverse pieces that vary by color, style, and design, and we are sure you can find the perfect piece for your mom or a mother you’d like to honor. Receiving hand-crafted, Murano glass jewelry is sure to leave any mother speechless on her special day. Continue reading


Murano Glass makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day


The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, is approaching with the speed of Cupid’s arrow, bringing with it the perpetual quest for a perfect memorable gift. This year you can surprise your sweetheart with a museum-quality piece of Murano Glass for a gift that will always be treasured. In addition to gifting the marvelous work of Murano Glass, you are also granting your loved one an experience that is associated with the romantic aura of Venice and the artistic heritage of the famed Murano Island in the Venetian Lagoon.

This distinct and labor-intensive method of glass-working originated in Venice many centuries ago, most likely passed down by the ancient Romans, who spotted wonderful and elegant glass pieces that Egyptians loved to use. Since 1291 the glassmakers on Venetian island of Murano have held the ranks of rule over the industry of blown glass works for centuries. As a result, the skilled artisans who create Murano Glass pieces continue to spend painstaking hours upon hours practicing a craft that has been passed down by generations of glassmakers and apprentices. Individuals who work with glass in Venice are held in high esteem thanks to the beauty and craftsmanship put into their glasswork. Today, the same techniques and traditions continue to be used in the formation of Murano Glass pieces.

When you purchase a piece of authentic Murano Glass in the U.S., you are getting the convenience and security of knowing your order will be reliably processed and promptly shipped, without sacrificing the quality. And the handcrafted and individually designed pieces using the techniques of Murano Glass that you will give to your precious Valentine will come along with visions of romantic canal rides and beautiful sunsets over the Venetian Lagoon, giving them the sentimental value not found in any other gift. Heart shaped pendants, necklaces, and earrings fashioned using centuries’ old techniques make wonderful gifts for women who love unique artisan jewelry. There are plenty of fine gifts for men as well, including designer cufflinks to add elegance and style to a man’s wardrobe, along with exquisite office accessories and barware for the men who prefer upscale designer accessories and value European quality and artistic tradition.
High-end pieces such as intertwined Murano Glass lovers are made with intricate detail using the famed Murano glass techniques. For Valentines who love the look of art, go all out with a tabletop sculpture featuring this amazing art form. Consider a sculpture of rich red heart or love birds for a dining room centerpiece. A Murano Glass sculpture will remain gorgeous and translucent as the years go by – it will never fade, go out of style, or shrink too small. Additionally, you are giving your loved one a piece of history that can be passed down through generations. This Valentine’s Day as you shop for the ultimate in treasured romance, choose a handcrafted, one of a kind keepsake made by passionate Venetian artisans practicing centuries’ old Murano Glass art.

by Kevin Grinberg


Thanksgiving in Style with Murano Glass

thanksgiving italian plateThanksgiving is a distinctly American tradition, yet over the years it’s gotten some interesting touches from other cultures which make up the famous “melting pot”. Coming from the culture of food connoisseurs who love a good feast, Italian-Americans put their own twist on a traditional Thanksgiving celebration and we think there is much the rest of us can learn from them. Here are a few Italian-inspired ideas on decorating, cooking, and setting the table to help make your Thanksgiving warm, stylish and delicious.

Warm fall colors and gentle glow of the autumn sun have traditionally been the top themes in Thanksgiving décor. A few strategically placed artistic Murano Glass pieces such as candle holders, centerpieces, vases or sculptures in the bright shades of fall foliage can quickly dress-up your home for Thanksgiving with just the right dose of glamour and style

Murano Glass Italian Horn of Plenty  Murano Millefiori Gold Art Glass Fazzoletto Bowl

Of course the main event at Thanksgiving table is turkey. There are thousands of ways to cook it and every family likely has their own tradition for cooking the most delicious turkey. However, there is still space for creativity and interesting touches in other dishes, so here are a couple of Italian ideas to get your imagination going:

Spiced Wine (known as vin brulé in Italy, gluhwein in Germany, and vin chaud in France)
1 liter (1 quart) of red wine
100 grams (5 tablespoons) of sugar
a few cloves
2 Cinnamon sticks
A little grated nutmeg
Grated orange peel or slice 1 orange
Mix wine and spices on low heat. Then add the sugar. Keep on low flame for about 15 minutes stirring periodically and try to not let it boil. Take off the flame. Strain. Serve warm and garnish with a slice of orange. Enjoy!
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Father’s Day Murano Glass Gift Guide from GlassOfVenice Plus Special Sale 15% OFF

Father's Day Gifts from GlassOfVenice
Selecting meaningful gifts for men is never an easy task, and managing to find a great Father’s Day gift year after year is even more difficult. After all you don’t want to just continue expanding your dad’s tie collection or give him yet another gadget that will become outdated before the year is out. That’s why we think Murano Glass fits the bill perfectly every year – a special, unique, stylish gift, requiring zero maintenance and never going out of fashion.

To help you pick just the right gift for your dad from our large selection we wrote this special Murano Glass Father’s Day Gift Guide. Just see what best describes your dad and pick one of the gifts we suggest for him. We are sure he’ll love it!
Get your special 15% discount by entering coupon code FATHERS15 during checkout.


Father's Day Murano Glass Birds and Animals Gifts Nature Lover This is the man who appreciates the nature’s wonders and loves watching or photographing animals and birds in the wild. He may like to travel to remote destinations and catch a glimpse of the nature in its purest form. For such a man we offer a selection of exquisitely crafted Murano Glass Animals and Birds.
Father's Day Murano Glass Nautical Gifts Inspired by The Sea This is the man that hears the siren call of The Sea and feels the unexplained attraction to the lull of the waves. He loves spending his days out boating, fishing, or just watching the tide and relaxing on the shore. He may like Island vacations and may be into snorkeling or even diving. For such sea lovers the best gift is one of our unique handcrafted Murano Glass Nautical Sculptures which will let him always feel close to the sea.
Murano Glass Cufflinks and Mens Gifts Style Conscious This is the sophisticated man who likes to live in style and dress well. He has the European-inspired approach to clothing and chooses well-fitting elegant clothes from the smart brands which combine value with just the right dose of classic fashion. He may like to attend various cultural events and travel to the cities that buzz with cultural attractions, and his home reflects his discerning tastes. Murano Glass is the ideal gift for the style-conscious man and to cater to his refined tastes we offer exquisite Murano Cufflinks, Keychains, Photo Frames, Letter Knives, and Ashtrays.
Murano Glass Wine Glasses and Goblets and Mens Gifts Wine Aficionado This is the man who knows how to pick and enjoy a good bottle of wine and creates a pleasurable and relaxing experience from uncorking the new bottle. He likes to slow down and enjoy life, gather friends and loved ones, and let the good times roll. He may be dreaming of taking trips to the world’s famous wine-making regions but is often just as satisfied with sitting down peacefully in front of the fireplace with a good coffee-table book. For such a man we offer a selection of the world-famous superbly handcrafted Murano Wine Glasses and Goblets, Decanters and Carafe Sets, Bottle Openers and Corkscrews and Bottle Stoppers.
Father's Day Murano Glass Cheese Knives and Serving Pieces The Party Host This is the man who loves to entertain and does so in style. He is happy to gather friends or family, serve up fine appetizers or exciting dishes, and is a master at creating the genial and joyful atmosphere that the guests always enjoy. Such man is the happiest when his house is full and there is a fun conversation around the table. Just like most men (though they won’t admit it) he likes to show off a little and get a few compliments, but who can blame him for that when he is truly the life of the party and such a gracious host. For the man who likes to throw stylish parties we offer a selection of exquisitely crafted Murano Glass Drinking Glasses and Tableware and Serving Pieces that will have the guests talking long after the party is over.

Our Murano Glass gifts are a perfect way to get the important men in your life something that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Use coupon code FATHERS15 during checkout and get 15% OFF your Murano Glass Father’s Day gifts until June 17, 2012!
We just expanded the assortment of our unique and artistic Murano Glass Father’s Day Gifts and Venetian Gifts to help you bring the undying Venetian tradition of Murano Glass to your fathers and your favorite men this Father’s Day and always. These pieces are created by the famous Murano Glass masters who love what they do and who spent decades learning from their fathers and grandfathers and perfecting their glass-making skills.

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Mother’s Day Venetian-Style from GlassOfVenice

Mother's Day Gifts from GlassOfVenice
May is the time when we treat the most important women in our lives – our mothers, and the mothers around us, which we value and respect. Giving us unconditional love, encouragement, and self confidence, our moms dedicate their lives to us, and for that we are forever thankful. You may think that Mother’s Day is a special U.S. holiday, but in fact it’s celebrated all over the world, although it has different roots and is celebrated on different days in different countries.

In Italy Mother’s Day is called La Festa Della Mamma and, like so many Italian customs, it traces its origins to the ancient Romans, who had a spring feast in honor of the goddess of marriage and motherhood named Juno (which meant “vital force” in Latin), and prayed to her for fertility and healthy offspring. The ancient Romans had a custom of marrying in June, Juno’s month, to ensure a good fruitful marriage, and that custom is still alive and well today among modern Italians. In every culture mothers are respected and loved, but in Italy a mother is a vital force not just in the family but in the community, and even more than that, mothers play a very important role in the larger society. Surprisingly, eight out of ten Italian men ages 18 to 30 still live with their mamma’s (such men are affectionately called “mammoni” or mamma’s boys -a term extremely common in today’s Italy), and countless others always consult with their mamma’s when there is a need to make an important decision. While La Festa Della Mamma in its present form was first officially celebrated in 1957 on the second Sunday in May, it has quickly become one of the most loved and widely celebrated Italian holidays.

On this day Italian sons and daughters free their mamma’s of any household chores. Those adult children that live outside the home try to come home and spend the day with their mothers and families. Of course Italians are famous for their love of good food and wine, so they often celebrate La Festa Della Mamma with a big family feast and for desert there is always a cake in the shape of a heart. And of course all children from the very young to the very old give their mothers gifts and keepsakes to be treasured for years.

Whether you are an Italian or not, Mother’s Day is a great time to let your mother and those special mothers around you know just how special they are with the most special and unique gifts you can find. We at GlassOfVenice have wonderful Murano Glass gifts for moms of all ages, carefully handcrafted one-at-a-time in the furnaces of Venetian artisans. A Murano Glass gift straight from Venice, which carries all the passion, magic and beauty of this amazing City on the Water will make every mom feel loved and appreciated.

Gift for moms of exquisite Murano Glass from our large selection of unique entirely handcrafted Murano Glass jewelry, vases, sculptures, accessories, tableware and barware, which lets your mothers and the important women in your life enjoy the aura of Venice for years to come.
We just expanded the assortment of our beautiful Murano Glass Mother’s Day Gifts and Venetian Gifts to help you bring the Art of Murano Glass and Venetian beauty to your mothers and your favorite women this Mother’s Day and always. These pieces are created by famous Murano Glass masters who love what they do and who spent decades learning from their fathers and grandfathers and perfecting their glass-making skills.
Murano Glass Pasta serverMurano Heart Pendant GoldMurano Heart NecklaceMurano Glass Heart SculptureMurano Glass DogMurano Heart vase

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Valentine’s Sale on All Murano Glass from GlassOfVenice – 15% OFF

Valentine's Day Gifts from GlassOfVenice
Venice and Love are practically synonimous. When you step into Venice you immediately feel that love is omnipresent – it is in the air, in the water of Venetian Canals, on the little charming piazza’s, and on the bridges often occupied by kissing lovers. Many people wait to visit Venice until they find the love of their lives, because they feel that one cannot fully enjoy this town when not in love. And they are right, because visiting Venice together with your lover allows you to share the grand feeling of romance and enchantment that overwhelms you in this beautiful town. If you are in love, just picture the two of you in Venice: the sunset on Piazza San Marco, the embrace on top of the Campanile, the twilight kiss on the gondola, the evening in one of the canal-side restaurants, the experience never to be forgotten.

While there is nothing better than visiting Venice together with your loved one, we offer the next best thing – giving your loved one a gift straight from Venice, which carries all the magic and romance of Venice.


Valentine’s Day gift of exquisite Murano Glass from our large selection of unique entirely handcrafted Murano Glass jewelry, vases, sculptures, tableware and barware, which lets your loved ones enjoy the aura of Venice for years to come. Use coupon code VALSALE15 during checkout and get 15% OFF your Murano Glass Valentine’s Day gifts until February 15, 2012!
We just expanded the assortment of our beautiful Murano Glass Valentine’s Day Gifts and Venetian Gifts to help you bring authentic Venetian romance and enchantment to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day and always. These pieces are created by famous Murano Glass masters who love what they do and who spent decades learning from their fathers and granfathers and perfecting their glass-making skills.
Murano Glass PendantMurano Heart EarringsMurano Heart NecklaceMurano Glass LoversMurano Glass CufflinksMurano Heart Bottle stopper

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New Products Just in Time for Hoildays

Just in time for the Holidays and all the gift-giving surrounding them, we are introducing lots of new gorgeous Murano glass products to expand our famously huge assortment of the best authentic Murano glass on the web even further!


We are offering new ranges of unique Murano glass earrings:
Magnifica and Antico Tesoro, which means “Ancient Treasure” in Italian and truly looks like a treasure. Some other interesting new additions to our Earrings selection are Sommerso Venetian Circle earrings, colorful Starlight Disc earrings and Silver Foil Ice and Gold Foil Red Venetian Heart earrings

Magnifica antique stud balls earrings -cobalt blueAntico Tesoro olives earrings -dark topazSommerso Venetian Circle earrings -blue
Starlight Disc earrings -mustard yellowVenetian Wedding Heart earrings -silver iceCa D'Oro Venetian Heart earrings -red

To complete our best-in-class Millefiori pendant collection, we are now bringing you a variety of Murano Millefiori Rings. Pick one to complete your stylish Venetian look.


For Murano Pendant lovers, we are happy to introduce the popular Venetian Reflections range of pendants in a variety of shapes, as well as artistic La Fenice pendants which will work great to accent your evening attire in a special Venetian way.


For our Murano Bracelet fans, we announce a new range of trendy Venetian glass bracelets called Murano Magic, which come in a variety of beautiful colors to help brighten up your outfit and your mood.

Murano Magic bracelet -amethystMurano Magic bracelet -aqua
Murano Magic bracelet -sparkling blackMurano Magic bracelet -blue


Last but not least, we are now bringing you beautiful Murano art glass sculptures that make great holiday and special occasion gifts for yourself or someone special in your life. These pieces will add a Venetian twist and bring a touch of contemporary Italian style to any home or office.

Enjoy shopping with us and keep checking our Blog, Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter for specials and promotions this Holiday Season.

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