About This Blog

At GlassOfVenice our goal is two-fold: we want to be the best Murano glass shopping destination, and to share our love of Venice by educating our existing and prospective customers about Murano Glass, its birthplace Venice, its home Murano Island, as well as Italian and Venetian way of life.

In this blog, we will help you put Murano glass into context and recognize its special value by not only sharing what we know about its past and present, but also by immersing you in the magic of its surroundings and the aura of Venice. Having spent considerable time in Italy and in Venice, and being in constant close contact with our artisans, we have insider knowledge of Venice and Italy and are excited to share that knowledge with you to make your life richer and your Italian travels more interesting. In this blog you will get the insider look into the making of Murano Glass, the history of the craft and its best-known masters, and the colorful stories of Italian life and art. You will also learn more about Italian culture and traditions, including festivals, holidays, and everyday scenes, and get valuable travel advice, which will all together help you understand the unique atmosphere in which Murano Glass was born and continues to flourish for over eight hundred years.

In addition, we will use this Blog to communicate important information and news about our website features and products, connect with our clients and people who love Murano glass and Venice, as well as to answer the questions that we frequently get from our customers.

We sincerely hope that our Blog will enhance your experience at our online store and will be a helpful source of information for anyone interested in Murano Glass, Venice, and Italy. We invite you to be an active reader and to make comments to our posts. Please visit our Blog often and let us know how we can improve it. We always value your feedback and strive to make your visit to our website the best it can be.