The Carnival of Venice 2014 – Welcome to the Fairy Tale!

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Have you ever thought of visiting Venice in the winter but decided against it for fear of cold weather, potential floods, and worry that there wouldn’t be much to do but hide all day in little osterias? Well, maybe you’ve made a mistake. Actually, Venice in the winter is fascinating, not least because of its annual Carnival that is a gorgeous cascade of colors, festivities, balls, wine and food, turning the city into one magnificent party, fifteenth-century style.  This Carnival that takes its roots in the middle ages is still one of the most beloved events held in Venice each year. For 2014, this exciting event will be held from February 15th through March 4th and will be focused on the kindred spirits that intertwine to connect humankind with mother earth, and with the fairy tales that are part of many different cultures. Represented at the Carnival this year are Oceania and Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Organizers of the festival plan to guide attendees toward rediscovering the rich tapestry that can be so beautifully woven by the fantasies of costume, the global cultural experiences, and the romance of the city itself, creating a fantastic fairy tale world.

This year’s Carnival starts on February 15th, with a festive evening show featuring music, fantasy and fairy tale elements on the banks of Cannaregio. The lineup of titillating Carnival adventures includes Ice Skating on a beautiful oval ice skating rink in the center of ancient Campo San Polo, masked balls, and special events both for the general public, and for exclusive crowd in private palazzo’s. Some visitors will choose to partake in the mysterious Walking Theatre, “Secrets of Venice. ” This Carnival event is in keeping with the fifteenth century tradition when nobles and wealthy Venetian residents would walk down a dark path by lantern light and thrill to the stories and anecdotes told by the legendary, “Codega,” a servant that leads the way. Today’s version includes actors of the Pantakin theatre company, who lead visitors to unique, fun and secret locations in Venice for exciting historically based tall tales.

In March, the Gran Finale of the Best Masked Costume Contest is one of the most popular events of the entire Carnival. Revelers will parade their magnificent costumes before a host of judges that will award them with a number of thrilling and prestigious prizes. Among the prizes there will be gorgeous Murano Glass pieces, representing the art that which has flourished on the nearby island of Murano since 1291. Consorzio Promovetro, the world’s only Murano Glass-makers consortium and the owner of Murano trademark, is one of the official partners of the event, and will offer the Best Costume winners precious Venetian Glass gifts as mementos of the fairy tale spirit of Venice Carnival. And for those who don’t win these gifts, we at GlassOfVenice always offer the widest variety of high quality authentic Murano Glass pieces that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and become your own wonderful mementos of Venice.

by Kevin Grinberg


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  1. JillyLundie

    Hello, I have a question. I have 2 Venitian Glass Originals from Venice which my late Dad purchased when over there in the early 1960’s. One is a clown and the other an angel fish. Do you know what I could ask for these.

    Please email me and I look forward to your reply



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