World’s Largest Bottle of Grappa in Murano Glass

We all know that Murano glass stands for beautiful artistic objects, exqusiste home decor, and amazing jewelry. Yet today, just like centuries ago, some very practicable objects continue to be made of Murano glass. Supporting this traditional use of Murano glass is Distilleria Bottega located in Bibano, in the famous Prosecco wine region, 25 miles north of Venice. Distilleria Bottega has been producing excellent grappas, liquors, and wines for over thirty years, and the company continues to bottle many of them in hand-blown traditionally-made Murano glass bottles.

Although this distillery has always been well-known to grappa connoisseurs, it has recently achieved new heights and new level of fame. On the 6th of June in the Sant Artemio Park in Treviso, with almost 6,000 people watching, Distilleria Bottega presented its grandest creation yet – a gigantic bottle of grappa made entirely of Murano glass and measuring 2 meters in height, 30 centimeters in diameter. The bottle was filled with 138 liters of fine prosecco grappa, and was measured by the officials from Guinness World Book of Records, who confirmed that it sets the new world record for the Largest Bottle of Grappa.
World Largest Bottle of Grappa in Murano Glass
This record-setting bottle of grappa took eight months of preparation, 200 hours of work and the sweat, blood and tears of six Venetian glass-blowers. This Murano glass giant has a diameter of 25cm, a circumference of 110cm and is 5cm thick.

But don’t despair if you were not in the 6,000 spectator crowd to catch a sight of this Venetian glass wonder. Distilleria Bottega sells its products in 110 countries and produces 6 millions bottles per year. Its Alexander line offers liquors in hand-blown Murano glass bottles, all made following the ancient Venetian glass-blowing. Buy one of this bottles, and you are guaranteed to enjoy not only outstanding grappa, but also its beautiful Venetian glass bottle long after the grappa is gone.


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