Can Murano Glass be Repaired?

Customers often contact us when their favorite piece broke and ask: can Murano Glass can be repaired? When an article made of Murano glass breaks, the only way to fix it at home is to glue it together. Gluing may work if the item has a smooth break line and broke into only two or three pieces as opposed to many small ones. If this is your case, and you want to try to fix it yourself, first of all, you need to buy the right glue. We recommend using E-6000® glue for Murano glass, or any glass for that matter. This is a very strong waterproof and flexible adhesive once it dries. The only downside is its long drying time- make sure to let it dry for 24 to 72 hours after application. With this glue, apply a thin coat to both glass surfaces that you need to attach, wait ten minutes and strongly press the surfaces together. Then put the item aside and let dry. Make sure you use this glue only in an area that has adequate ventilation.

If your Murano glass broke in such a way that it can’t be glued together, or if it just cracked inside its frame (which may be the case with Millefiori pendants, for example), your best option may be to try to find a replacement. Regardless of whether the Murano glass item was modern or vintage, purchased recently or long ago, there are companies specializing in Murano glass that will be willing to work with you to find a replacement. We at work with many glass artisans on Murano island and will be happy to look into your situation and help to locate a replacement piece.

Finally, if the replacement can’t be found it may be possible to put the piece back together using the original Murano glassmaking methods, but this is a difficult and expensive undertaking and only a Murano-trained and experienced master can do that. Murano glass is hand-crafted by master artisans who work the heated-up liquefied glass mass using special centuries-old techniques and local Murano materials. They then cool the glass mass down till it solidifies to form a specific pattern within a certain shape. Hence, if it breaks, only the masters who know the methods and techniques used in the original piece and have the proper equipment and source materials may be able to take on the task of repairing the original piece.


11 thoughts on “Can Murano Glass be Repaired?

  1. Sandra Shannonhouse

    Dear sir,
    Recently returned from trip to Italy including day on Murano. Several lovely pieces were purchased. Unfortunately shortly after arriving home one was broken, a beautiful butterfly that attaches to lampshade. My question is how we might go about purchasing identical piece as the color was perfect. We would very much like to replace the piece. The piece belongs to my daughter and I was trying to do a little research on how to replace. Please advise.

    1. GlassOfVenice Post author

      Hi Sandra, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get an identical piece unless you contact the actual place of your original purchase. We work with over 20 different artisans on Murano island but none of them create this kind of the lampshade.

  2. Rose Mary new Dean

    I have 2 butterfly necklace from Uno Alla, La Farfalla glass necklace. the ring that holds the pendant to the chain broke. I am always careful; I wore it twice and it broke. I bought another and the ring broke when i received it. Can a glass blower fix it? Paid too much to let it go. Rose Mary

  3. Natasha

    Hi GlassOfVenice.
    I received a beautiful red heart murano glass necklace two years ago. I’ve always been very careful with it. On a rushed morning when I wanted to put my necklace on , it fell on tiles. Luckily the heart didn’t break, however the clasp of the necklace broke off as it was also made of the murano glass. The pendant itself is in perfect condition , but now I can’t wear it. It’s my favourite jewellery piece and it means a lot to me.
    Any tips on how I can add a new clasp?

    1. GlassOfVenice Post author

      Hi Natasha, unfortunately, you cannot add a new ring unless you would like to buy a new metal one and attach it with glue. Or if the break line is clean you can try to attach the glass ring back to the pendant with glue. The glue we recommend for this type of repair is E6000.

  4. Beth Hudak

    I have a necklace that broke and some of the glass beads are missing. I bought it from Vecchio Murano on Burano. I would like to have them repair it to it’s original state. Can you help me. I tried to call them, but the number I called did not respond. It is 011 39 041 271 8500. Thanks for anything you can do to help me.

    Beth Hudak – USA
    Phone: 970-817-1996

    1. GlassOfVenice Post author

      Dear Beth,
      Thank you for your inquiry. In our experience typically the Italian workshops and stores will not work with an individual customer post-sale to provide repairs of items that are not under warranty. In many cases they also speak no English. We do not work with this factory and unfortunately cannot help you get the original master to repair the necklace. However, you are welcome to browse through our extensive selection of necklaces at that you can further filter by color, technique, length, etc. or to e-mail us a photo of your necklace at and we can see if we have anything similar.

  5. Emilio

    I have a muralist glass horse that has a broken leg, where can I find & buy this’s E-6000 glue in Vancouver, Canada
    Thank you

    1. GlassOfVenice Post author

      Dear Emilio, we cannot suggest the E-6000 glue distributors in Vancouver, you may want to search on line and get this glue shipped to you. Please note that not all breaks can be fixed this way: the location and the type of the break (clean breakline or not), the surface to apply glue to, and the weight of the piece have to be considered in determining whether the glue will hold the piece together well. You can find more information on repair options at


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