Murano Glass personal accessories such as hair clips, pill boxes and keychains offer a great way to bring unique Venetian beauty and artistic heritage into your everyday life. Handcrafted by the talented glass masters who spent their whole lives perfecting their technique, these accessories reflect the unique traditions of Murano Glass art that have been passed from father to son since the early Middle Ages. Rich amazing colors, unique mesmerizing patterns, gorgeous Millefiori designs and a wide variety of models and styles are the reasons behind the enduring popularity of our Murano Glass barrettes, keychains, and pillboxes. Once you get one of these pieces you'll find yourself coming back to GlassOfVenice for more. Moreover, these Murano Glass accessories make perfect gifts, at once artistic and practical, for your loved ones and become family keepsakes that are treasured for many years.Enjoy our carefully curated selection of the best Murano Glass hair clips, keychains and pill boxes.