Murano Glass Aquarium Cube With Jellyfish - 1-1/4 inches Glass Of Venice 603787514984

Murano Glass Aquarium Cube With Jellyfish - 1-1/4 inches

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If you love the beauty of marine life frolicking in crystal-clear water, then this exquisite Murano Glass Aquarium Cube is made for you! With a beautiful and realistic jellyfish captured inside transparent glass, this unique Murano Glass aquarium is a stunning accent for your home or office. Although the cube is small, the workmanship of the Murano masters is so precise that the jellyfish looks frozen mid-movement. The artisans who created this wonder of Murano glass-making are well-known on Murano island for their extremely delicate works of art that combine amazing skill and precision with artistic beauty. This Venetian Aquarium is a great gift for those who enjoy the serene beauty of marine life and appreciate the best in Murano Glass art.
  • Measurements: This Venetian glass aquarium bag sculpture measures approximately 1-1/4 inch on each side
  • The sculpture is very well packaged to avoid damage in transit and comes with the certificate of authenticity.
  • The sculpture is a unique piece of art made by hand, hence some variations of colors, patterns, and shapes as well as random bubbles inside glass are possible and serve as additional assurance of the authenticity of this Murano Glass Aquarium.