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Murano Glass Letter Opener - Gold Blue Stripes

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A wonderful gift for those who value unique accessories and old-world fine craftsmanship, this Gold Blue Stripes Murano Glass letter opener is a testament to the thousand-year glass-making tradition of Murano island. Crafted one-at-a-time over an open flame, this fine letter knife features 24 karat gold leaf lined handle and the chrome-plated high-quality blade that will last many years without losing its luster. This sharp and shiny letter knife is a statement of class and discerning taste, which will not only come in handy when you open your mail but will also add a touch of true Italian elegance and beauty to your desk at home or in the office. Enjoy it every time you sort your letters or make it a special gift to your friends, colleagues or relatives.
  • Measurements: This letter opener is 9 inches long
  • The blade is made of high-quality chrome-plated steel for lifelong durability and shine
  • The letter knife is authentic Murano Glass handcrafted in the family workshop on Murano island. It comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Because each item is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors and patterns are possible.

Product Reviews

It's beautiful. The letter opener is very well made and the colors are vibrant. It will, no doubt, become a keepsake. We visited the Murano Factory in 2006 and we brought several openers back as gifts, but none for ourselves. We were sorry that we didn't and have wanted one since. Now we have our very own.

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The ultimate symbol of status and power, gold was always held in high regard in Venice. Once Murano Glass artisans learned how to infuse gold into their creations, their fame spread far beyond Venice. The captivating mix of 24K gold with transparent or colorful blown glass has been the secret of Venetian glass masters for centuries, the magic behind their artworks, which exude soft golden glow and sparkle gently in the light. More recently Murano artisans have been creating accessories and serving pieces from Murano Glass beads lined with gold leaf. To create each bead the master wraps a very thin layer of 24K gold foil around the glass base under a flame, and then adds a layer of clear or colored glass on top. The gold-lined Murano Glass bead is then put into a special annealing camera, after which it is ready to become a part of a letter knife, a serving piece, a candle holder, or another unique accessory. Enjoy your gold-infused Murano Glass creation, knowing that every bead was handcrafted with skill and utmost care in the famous glass workshops of Murano, Italy.