Our Story

GlassOfVenice was launched in 2007 by a team of professionals with passion for Venice and a bold vision of making Venice's authentic Murano Glass available and affordable to people around the world. Murano Glass with its incredible history, versatility and captivating beauty has been attracting people for centuries, and as artisanal handcrafted products become even rarer, the appeal of Murano Glass has only increased in the Twenty First Century.

Starting from very modest roots at the height of the worst economic crisis of our time, we have nevertheless been steadily growing, thanks to our loyal customers who never failed to return and bring their friends and family along for a fabulous shopping experience. In the years that passed we have dramatically expanded our partnerships with Murano artisans, our product offering, our website, and our presence in both retail and wholesale channels. Having serviced thousands of retail customers with exceptional customer care, we have also successfully partnered with wholesale and corporate clients such as Broadway theaters, museums, opera houses, film studios, event planners, and large high-end retailers, demonstrating the high level of trust and top-notch reputation that we have in the industry.

Today our inventory counts over two thousand unique handcrafted items, our artisan relationships include many top names on Murano Island, and our customers come from six continents and over one hundred countries. We are proud to say that GlassOfVenice.com is the number one importer and retailer of authentic Murano Glass in the U.S. and one of the top names among Murano Glass retailers worldwide. However, we remain true to our roots and our mission.

Our Mission and Goals

We established the company with the goal of sourcing the best authentic Murano Glass pieces and making it easy for people to buy and enjoy real Murano Glass, no matter how far from Venice they live. Our other, yet no less important, goal is to help the ancient Venetian glass-making craft survive and prosper despite the hardships presented by the rise of globalization and the inflow of counterfeit goods that are now seen even in Venice itself. Whether if you buy Murano Glass from us or not, we want you to be an educated consumer and know the difference between real and fake, between a thousand years of commitment, passion, and craftsmanship and a desire to make a quick gain with minimal effort.

How We are Different

GlassOfVenice.com is not just another website selling jewelry and home decor online. Rather, it is an experience, a way of life, and a destination created with passion for Venice and everything it has to offer to those who appreciate art, style, tradition, and history. In Murano Glass we see a reflection of all those things and a unique way to enjoy the fabulous heritage of Venice. We feel that the handmade colorful and precious Murano Glass pieces afford us a rare opportunity to go back in time and capture the fragile beauty and artistic richness of Venice, and we are happy to offer this cultural immersion to our customers worldwide. That is why we sell only Murano Glass and nothing else. It is our belief from the beginning that by being highly specialized in this unique art form we are better positioned to offer only the best in terms of product sourcing, style understanding, expertise, thought leadership, and service. And our customers certainly agree.

Our Products and Our Artisans

We sell the entire range of 100% authentic Murano Glass, including jewelry, accessories, tableware, drinkware, gifts, home decor, and lighting from the most reputable artisans and artists that have been in business for generations. Prominent Venetian glass-making families collaborate with us to design creations that will appeal to our sophisticated clientele in terms of fashion and style, while showcasing the same classic Murano tradition that changed little over the centuries. Many of our artisans are also members of the official Murano Glass trade association Consorzio Promovetro, which is based on the Island and guarantees that its members produce only the highest quality original Murano glass made according to the ancient techniques and traditions. Although we work with non-members as well, we assure that their production is always of just as high quality as that of the members. Membership in Promovetro is strictly voluntary and many glass artisans decide to forgo the membership due to high dues and perceived lack of tangible benefits for members.

Our Promise to You

When you shop with us you can be assured that you get the very best of authentic Murano Glass at the right prices. You have come to the right place: as our loyal customers will quickly tell you, no-one within or outside Venice offers greater Murano Glass variety or better value than GlassOfVenice.com!

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