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Welcome to Glass Of Venice, your source of authentic Murano Glass in the U.S.A.

GlassOfVenice is the number one importer and retailer of authentic Murano Glass in the U.S. and one of the top names among Murano Glass retailers worldwide. We work directly with artisans from Murano, Italy to bring you the unique centuries-old art rooted in tradition and skill. Every item is handcrafted with passion and care using ancient techniques that made Murano glassmakers world-famous since the VIII century AD. Now you don’t need to make a trip to Murano to own an authentic piece of art as beautiful as Venice itself.
We ship promptly from our warehouse in New Jersey, U.S.A.
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At we sell ONLY AUTHENTIC Murano Glass handmade in Venice, Italy. Here is why you can trust us:

One of the most important aspects of purchasing Murano Glass is making sure it is authentic. Unfortunately, with the rise of globalization there has been an inflow of glassware produced in the Far East and other places far away from Murano, Italy and passed as authentic Murano Glass. And while many businesses choose to profit by selling these fakes as real Murano Glass, we stay true to our mission of bringing amazing and always authentic Murano Glass Art to people worldwide. We know that our clients are people that value and appreciate not only the beauty, but also the history, artistry and unique heritage of Murano Glass and its close association with Venice, the most romantic city in the world.
So how can you be sure that we sell only top-quality authentic products?
  1. We specialize ONLY in Murano Glass.

    We sell the entire range of the best Murano Glass you can find in Venice - from jewelry, gifts, personal and office accessories, to tableware, barware, ornaments, home decor, and chandeliers. We have been in business for seven years with thousands of loyal retail and wholesale customers worldwide.

  2. We know Murano and the glass masters personally.

    The Management of the company is Italian-educated with knowledge of Italian language and culture, and we travel to Murano often to nurture our close business and personal relationships with the glass artisans and artists. We collaborate with the artisans and provide them with constant feedback to craft high quality products that follow latest trends and appeal to our sophisticated worldwide clientele. We deal only with reputable Murano-based artisans that have been creating Murano Glass for decades.

  3. We are truly passionate about Murano Glass and Venice.

    We find Murano Glass and its millenium-long history fascinating and extremely important to our global cultural heritage. Our goal is to make sure that this art survives for centuries to come. To this end we author articles full of educational, practical, and travel information about Venice, Murano, and Murano Glass on our blog ( and offer a large collection of photos and videos shot during our frequent trips to Venice and Murano Island (Click HERE to see the videos and HERE to see the photo gallery).

  4. We provide assurance of origin and quality with all our Murano Glass pieces.

    Each product we sell comes with the certificate of authenticity in English and Italian to assure you that the items you purchase from us are genuine. Many pieces feature signature of the master, sticker of the only official Murano Glass consortium, stamps, or etched words such as "Murano Glass" or "Made in Italy". In addition, we enclose a special informative and attractive brochure about Murano Glass and into every order. Please keep in mind that while many Murano artisans do mark their work in some way, there are others that do not, yet their pieces are every bit as authentic as those that are marked. There is no law in Italy that mandates any special markings or certificate of origin on Murano Glass pieces, and lots of artisans do not make the extra effort of directly marking their work as they feel that quality of their pieces speaks for itself.

  5. We value Venetian artistry and Murano Glass artistic heritage.

    We are passionate about Venice and Murano Glass. With the spread of globalization the artistry of Murano Glass is in danger. Between the inflow of cheap glass from the Far East, the rising costs of raw materials, the economic woes in the West, and the difficult working conditions, including standing up all day in the heat of the furnace, the young people even from the old glass-making families increasingly flock to the easier and more profitable jobs on "terra ferma", as Venetians call the main land. Many factories and workshops have closed in recent years unable to compete with the Far East and to find enough clients. And with each closing factory goes the mastery and the artistic touch of that particular glassmaker, which cannot be easily picked up by anyone else, and the Art of Murano Glass suffers from each loss. This is part of the reason why, years ago, we established our company Our mission is not only to bring the beautiful historic art of Murano Glass to people worldwide, but also to help this amazing art survive and flourish
In conclusion, Authenticity of our products is a primary concern for us. We know that our customers are people who appreciate and value high-quality handcrafted artistic products and the heritage of Murano Glass. We work hard to earn your trust and we thank you for your loyalty and hope for your continued patronage.
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