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  Venetian Glamour Bracelet - Royal Blue  
  Royal Green Spiral bracelet  
  Notte D'Oro Bracelet  
  5   (1)
  Murano Mosaic Bracelet - Transparent Amethyst  
  4   (1)
  Murano Magic bracelet - ruby red  
  5   (1)
  Murano Mosaic Bracelet - Seafoam Green  
  5   (1)
  Royal Cognac Circle bracelet  
  Gloriosa 12 Strand Seed Bead Murano Bracelet - Silver Amethyst  
  Murano Glass Kitty Cat Children's Bracelet  
  Donatella Murano Glass Hearts Charm Bracelet - Aqua  
  Venetian Wedding Amethyst Heart Murano Bracelet  
  Salute Murano Charms Bracelet  
  Golden Summer Children's Murano Glass Bracelet  
  Venetian Dream Bracelet - Red  
  Venetian Glamour Bracelet - Light Blue  
  Murano Symphony Bracelet - White  
  5   (2)
  Silver Spring Children's Murano Glass Bracelet  
  Venice Diva Bracelet - Red  
  Venice Diva Bracelet - Sunshine Gold  
  5   (2)
  Venice Diva Bracelet - Orange Glow  
  Royal Murano Bracelet - Aqua Waves Gold  
  Venice Diva Bracelet - Aqua  
  Starlight bangle bracelet - navy blue  
  Starlight bangle bracelet- cranberry  
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Rare in beauty, craftsmanship and style, Murano Glass Bracelets have adorned the hands of discerning women for several centuries. Created in the historic kilns of Murano Islands best masters, the Murano glass beads bracelet features original Murano Glass techniques, such as Millefiori (aka Murrina), gold and silver foil infusions, avventurina, lattimo, filigrana and many others developed by innovative Venetian glass masters over the ages. Murano bracelets are glass bracelets that boast deep colors and never fade exclusive designs, and artistic look that appeals to a woman who seeks unique accessories made by the best Italian artisans.