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  Petaluma Murano Glass Chandelier  
  Bacco Murano Glass Chandelier  
  Armilla Murano Glass Chandelier  
  Colosseo Murano Glass Chandelier  
  Giuly Murano Glass Chandelier  
  Geppa Murano Glass Chandelier  
  Pitagora Murano Glass Chandelier  
  Flora series Chandelier 3 lights  
  Flora series Chandelier 6 lights  
  Flora series Chandelier 8 lights  
  Flora series Chandelier 2 tier 8 and 4 lights  
  Goldoni series Chandelier 5 lights  
  Goldoni series Chandelier 8 lights  
  Laguna series Chandelier 5 lights  
  Laguna series Chandelier 8 lights  
  Laguna series Chandelier basket shape 3 lights  
  Laguna series Chandelier basket shape 8 lights  
  Rialto series Chandelier 5 lights  
  Rialto series Chandelier 8 lights  
  Serenissima series Chandelier 8 lights  
  Tiepolo series Chandelier 5 lights  
  Tiepolo series Chandelier 6 lights with crests  
  Tiepolo series Chandelier 8 lights  
  Venezia series Chandelier 3 lights  
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World-famous Murano Glass Chandeliers boast rich history and the following that spans top European aristocratic families, modern-day businessmen and nobility, and of course regular people enchanted by the beauty of Murano Glass. Venetian Chandeliers illustrate the evolution of Murano Glass from classic elements and styles such as Ca D’Oro all the way to trendy contemporary designs. Today Murano Glass blown chandeliers proudly hang in almost every Venetian palazzo, hotel, and residence and showcase the virtuosity and talent of Murano Glass masters like nothing else can. Murano Glass lighting fixtures are handcrafted today exactly the same way they were centuries ago, and their weightlessness, transparency, and beauty has proven impossible to recreate anywhere else. Discover the rich History and Grandeur of Murano Glass Chandeliers.