About GlassOfVenice

GlassOfVenice was created with passion for Venice and everything it has to offer to those who appreciate art, beauty, and history. In Murano Glass we see a reflection of all those things and a unique way to enjoy the heritage of Venice. We feel that the handmade colorful and precious Murano Glass objects allow us to go back in time and capture the fragile beauty of Venice, and we are happy to share this opportunity with our customers worldwide.

In our search for perfection we found the best artisans on the island of Murano and we work with them directly to bring their products to you at the lowest cost via our secure internet store. We sell only 100% authentic Murano glass from the artisans that have been in business for decades and are members of Consorzio Promovetro trade association. This association guarantees that its members produce only the highest quality original Murano glass made according to the ancient techniques and traditions.

You can purchase our products at www.GlassOfVenice.com.