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Welcome to Glass Of Venice, your source of authentic Murano Glass in the U.S.A.

GlassOfVenice is the number one importer and retailer of authentic Murano Glass in the U.S. and one of the top names among Murano Glass retailers worldwide. We work directly with artisans from Murano, Italy to bring you the unique centuries-old art rooted in tradition and skill. Every item is handcrafted with passion and care using ancient techniques that made Murano glassmakers world-famous since the VIII century AD. Now you don’t need to make a trip to Murano to own an authentic piece of art as beautiful as Venice itself.
We ship promptly from our warehouse in New Jersey, U.S.A.
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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Murano Glass

  1. Murano Glass is always Unique. Find a piece that matches your personality and style!

    At the time of mass-produced products that carry no special meaning, Murano Glass jewelry and home dˇcor give you an opportunity to express your individuality and personal style. Every piece is unique, just like you are.

  2. Murano Glass is 100% Hanfcrafted in Venice. Be a part of the centuries-old Venetian tradition!

    A piece of the artisan's heart and soul is captured in every Murano Glass creation. Crafting Murano Glass jewelry, vases, sculptures, chandeliers and other functional and decorative pieces is a complicated process where from silica, minerals, water, and fire Venetian artisans create masterpieces. The methods and techniques they use are centuries old, and artisans train for many years in their fathers' and grandfathers' workshops before they can attain a revered status of the maestro or true master of the craft.

  3. Murano Glass is an Art. Spend every day surrounded by art!

    Murano Glass masters are not just artisans, they are artists. Ever since Murano glass-makers guild was established on this Venetian island is 1291, Murano glass blowers have been innovating, seeking new methods of creating glass, inventing new styles and designs, and pushing forward to express new philosophies and artistic visions through glass. This made Murano Glass its own art form, recognized at international expositions and top art museums and galleries worldwide. Today the famous glass masters working on Murano Island are first and foremost artists, and GlassOfVenice is proud to offer artistic masterpieces from top Murano glass workshops.

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